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Chris Jericho issues apology concerning NYC confrontation

Chris Jericho

As previously reported, Chris Jericho was involved in a verbal scuffle after a tribute show he took part in recently.  Jericho was approached by a swarm of fans after his show and did his best to sign as many autographs as he could but after a while he seemed to get annoyed by all the attention.

You can imagine how tired Jericho must have been after performing in this show and the situation wasn’t ideal either. The tribute show in question was dedicated to the memory of Jericho’s friend David Z who was also a bassist for Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Adrenaline Mob.

After a while things got out of hand with one fan and thanks to modern day technology and TMZ, now fans have this video treasure of Y2J yelling at someone on the sidewalk to enjoy forever.

Chris Jericho issued a public apology after the video of the incident was released:

“David Z was a good friend of mine and I was mentally and emotionally shattered after paying tribute to him and essentially saying goodbye to him Friday night. I was not in a good state of mind at that time and instead of ignoring a pushy (aka rude) fan which is what I would usually do, I snapped. My apologies to all involved and God bless David Z.”

David Z died tragically when the RV he was riding in got a flat tire. They pulled over to the side of the road, but from out of nowhere a car came through and veered off the road hitting and killing David instantly. It was a big loss to the rock n roll community, especially for anyone that knew the bassist who was generally loved where ever he went.

We’re not excusing Jericho’s actions or the way he handled the situation, but it takes a pretty big man to admit when he is wrong. It also makes it a lot easier to understand where the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla was coming from when he put it into perspective like this.

  • ROB-1.

    My ears were burning with all the swearing.

  • Raidertre

    I’m putting this on the stupid fan. Let the guy mourn. There’s a time and place to try and get an autograph and this was not one of them.