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Chris Jericho Jokes on Piven’s SummerFest Line, Piven Talks RAW, WWE in NY

– WWE announced at Sunday’s live event in Verona, NY that the RAW brand will return to the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY on Wednesday, December 30th. This is WWE’s first event at the arena after being banned from the building by Syracuse University officials.

– Chris Jericho took a shot at Jeremy Piven’s “SummerFest” line on RAW last night with this message on Twitter: “I just heard Foghat and Molly Hachet are headlining Summerfest this year. I am so there!”

– Jeremy Piven commented on his RAW experience with the following Tweets last night: “That was insane! 15 thousand people screaming as u climb to the top rope….” and “couldn’t have been a better experience, great group of guys and total pros..”

  • Marty

    I think they both did a great job..
    Not often we see these celebrity guest make a sudden “heel” turn..
    An lets be totally honest they were both better than the ZZ Top guys..
    As far as the whole different celeb host thinf goes i think its doing about as good as it can….

    But I do enjouy waiting for the new week to kick in just so i can see wat Raw has in store…
    sure i am often disapointed but still i do stop in to see wats goin on..
    At the end of the day they are doin their job an getting the veiwers so essentially theyre getting the job done..

    I am a big fan of the aktual wrestling but in the end WWE is still making money an giving u something goodish to watch..

    The fact that you all are on here bitching an moaning shows that you are reacting exactly the way the want you to…

    Well Done WWE..

  • Cram

    didnt think piven was bad, what about that oaf who he brought along?! reminded me of a young jackie chan with mental problems. about as funny as a 4 year old child screaming in your face for 2 hours.

  • playr1

    Wow, you guys are picky. Outside the “Summerfest” line I thought he did pretty good.

  • gEtOnMyLeVeL

    Ratings or not, they need better guest hosts. Say how about wrestlers hosting wrestling? Or is that just crazy?

  • john

    idk i really like the guest host thing actually…especially for RAW…i mean it’s not like it happens every night….idk i think it’s pretty awesome

  • Wrestling/MMA GAWD!

    Whats with RAW having special guest hosts anyways? are they doing this because of bad ratings lately? or just for the hell of it

  • seanwdragon

    agreed. Can’t decide who was a worse host, Shaq or Piven. WWE, what happened to quality? I mean, you’re claiming that you’re going for a PG audience, then you come out with the “Star” of entourage and the star of “The Goods”, which are things the PG audience will never see. Bad decision. And his chinese friend was so annoying. I can’t even begin to describe how disappointed I was with raw.

  • The Stunner

    Worst hosts EVER!! Ya Piven says he is such a “huge wwe fan” yet he calls Summerslam, Summerfest? Total BS. Another reason to promote a crapfest movie. Or is it crapslam, either way it will suck.

    Next week we are blessed with Sgt. Slaughter?