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Chris Jericho Loses Another PPV Match, Layla on Maxim’s Hot 100?, More

– Add Ezekiel Jackson and Titus O’Neil to the list of WWE Superstars who are using Diamond Dallas Page’s DDP Yoga program.

– WWE Divas Champion Layla got so many write-in votes for Maxim’s Hot 100 list this year that she may be included on the list with Kelly Kelly. Maxim wrote about Layla:

“This British-born dancer, model and WWE Diva could easily knock any of us off of our feet. We feel a little light-headed just thinking about it.”

– WWE has re-added Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins to their roster page. The two were seen at Over the Limit confiscating signs for Eve Torres and John Laurinaitis.

– After losing the World Heavyweight Title Match at WWE’s Over the Limit pay-per-view last night, Chris Jericho has now lost 5 straight WWE pay-per-view matches since returning in January. The belief is that Jericho will be finishing up soon.

  • Eddie Money

    At this point Jericho has nothing to prove. He’s left his mark and has done things no one else can ever do. He probably didn’t mind coming in and putting a few guys over (guys that are going to stick around long after he’s gone) all while making a quick buck. If he doesn’t come back after this then that’s too bad I hate to see him go out like this but I get the feeling some time in fall we’ll be seeing cryptic promos.

  • poko

    Jericho doesn’t need to win, and he knows it. I bet he doesn’t mind at all. He will always be a legitimate threat, even if he loses the next twenty PPVs. His role right now is to put people over, and I think he relishes that role. I’ve always gotten the impression that Jericho wrestles because he likes wrestling, not because his ego demands that he be a champion. Yes, I’d definitely love to see him with another title run, but he’ll still be respected without it.

  • Prince

    I thought I heard he’s coming back in September after Fozzy is done touring. Hopefully he does, and actually wins something.

  • Stevie P

    Guys, I think cause his return was short, all he was going to do was put people over. To be honest, I wish they made him look a little bit tougher because hey, it’s Jericho. But really, I think from Day 1 that was their whole intention and I applaud Jericho for doing it.

  • TheSheepDog

    well at least Y2J is big and professional enough to come back and ‘help’ out other performers, unlike other ‘legends’ who have to win after 8 years away. that being said, i really do not know why he came back, yea help out, give back, but unless he comes back after the tour pissed off and angry at loosing, which he reverts upon his return, i dont know.

    its no secret that the roster is wafer thin, look at the two main champs, that speaks volumes. but i do thank them for making me care about the IC and US and even tag titles again 🙂 swings and roundabouts.

  • Tyler(:

    “He could be the Top Heel on SmackDown & win the WHC” Yeaaaah, then when he leaves for 5 months? and then comes back with some stupid build up promos.

    Jericho needs to concentrate on either Music or Wrestling. that’s why he can’t be a top heel.

  • SYM

    At this Point I really dont think the WWE cares for Jericho. He could be the Top Heel on SmackDown & win the WHC but No you have to give it to Triple H jr. aka Sheamus.


    WOW WWE, Way to “F” over a legend like chris jericho. Why have him create such great heat with CM punk only to have him lose 50 freakin times to him and lose all legitimacy as a main event performer. Then you have him get smoked in a 4 way, where he had very little offense and came off as a weak opportunistic weasel like ADR.Jericho is one of the best bad guys of all time and I am tired of seeing WWE taint his legacy. Please jericho leave the WWE and concentrate on your music, never looking back. We will miss you but watching you job away to a Juiced ketchup bottle,a worn out rubber snake and a less talented if not slightly more irritating chavo guerrero is just to much to bear.Break the walls down and never rebuild them again!