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Chris Jericho on What Makes for a Good Jericho Return, Who Picks His Opponents

– Chris Jericho recently spoke with Below are a few highlights:

Fat Duck Tech: Your past couple of returns you’ve worked extensively with younger talent, such as Fandango last year and Bray Wyatt this year. Has that been your call, or a WWE office call, or a mix of both?

Chris Jericho: The office. I do what the boss tells me to do. In this timeframe I wasn’t going to come back unless it was something that interested me to do, and the Bray Wyatt thing was something that i pitched months ago and they finally came through and said ‘we want you to do something with Wyatt’, and that’s how that went down.

FDT: You’ve just returned after a break, something you’ve done several times now in quite memorable fashion. What do you think makes for a good Jericho return?

CJ:I don’t think there’s such a thing as a bad Jericho return at this point, because I think when I leave as frequently as I do that people are always excited to see me back. And always mad at me for not being here, and then mad at me when I’m here, and then mad at me when I leave again, so… people are just mad at me all the time, you know?

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