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Chris Jericho on rumors of All Elite Wrestling, no longer using The List and more

Chris Jericho can do what he wants, whenever he wants. He has truly done it all in the world of professional wrestling. He is also busy with his band, Fozzy, touring around the world.

Chris spoke with Drew Dalby, revealing his plans for wrestling appearances in the future.

“I have to go to Japan to do one more match for New Japan Pro Wrestling,” stated Jericho. “I have a couple of movie shoots that I’m doing. But other than that, I’m pretty wide open for the next 3 or 4 months, by design…

“Will I go back to wrestling? I have no plans of really doing anything, but that’s all stuff I’m going to have to think about.”

Dalby mentioned that Jericho has quite a few options, ranging from NJPW to WWE, Impact Wrestling and the potential wrestling promotion with Tony Khan and more. He did mention one thing he will no longer do in WWE.

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do. There’s nothing set in stone. I’ve spoken to people in all of those organizations that you’ve mentioned.

“Impact, I had a great conversation with them the other day in Toronto and there are some great matches I could have there… There’s a lot of matches in Japan that I would still like to have. Is Tony Khan opening his own company?

I’ve heard nothing that says he’s not, and of course, WWE is WWE and I have a 20-year history there. I could walk in the door tomorrow and know exactly what to do to get a reaction.

“I’ll tell you one thing: there won’t be a list. It’s done. I don’t feel it anymore.”

Dalby said Jericho is in an enviable position due to the many options he has at hand. Jericho said those opportunities are available to others as well. That being the best aspect of the business currently.

“The most exciting thing to me is that there’s a lot of places guys can go to work. There’s a lot of guys making big money outside of the WWE system because it wasn’t like that for 20 years,” said Jericho.

“So it’s exciting for me to know there’s options. I can go anywhere and not have to worry about anything. The fact that we did the cruise with six guys (Alpha Club vs. Bullet Club), none of us under contract and able to sell out a cruise with it. It really makes all of us top contenders as to ‘who’s going to go where?’

“That’s exciting for me. I like giving the power back to the guys in a way.”

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

  • CC

    I think everyone knows that Jericho will do what Jericho wants, and we will only know what that is when it happens. Ever since his original return over a decade ago, he has pretty much always kept quiet or out and out lied about what he is doing, so it still surprises me whenever people ask him questions about is he going to this promotion or that promotion, as they are never gonna get a straight answer.
    As for the list. Well it is not surprise it wont return if he does go back to WWE as he always changes his gimmick when he returns.