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Chris Jericho Responds to CM Punk’s Diss

As we reported here on the site earlier today, CM Punk appeared at the Ringsidefest collectibles event in New York City over the weekend and took a shot at former WWE star Chris Jericho.

Punk was introduced as “the best in the world at what he does” – to which he clarified, he’s the best wrestler the world, but Jericho is the best in the world at what he does – which is, dancing with celebrities.

Chris Jericho has responded to Punk’s comment, tweeting the following on Monday afternoon::

“What’s worse…Dancing With Celebrities or Playing With Muppets?”

  • Punk 4 life

    oh no pg tweets come on you come at him with muppets that was a shocker. i hope y2j comes back getting tired of mr re-run nash and cena thank god rock is back for a bit.

  • voice of reason

    i really enjoyed the muppets it was a great episode of raw my favorite was beaker helping santino & animal on the ring bell.

  • venom

    The muppets were better than the celebs. I hope Jericho doesn’t win the Rumble. I want to see the royal rumble winner win the title at Wrestlemania 28. Something that hasn’t happened in 4 years.

  • Yay

    I’d rather the muppets over celebs

  • Paton

    except Punk had nothing to do with the muppets….

  • Nicholas G

    @Sammy Jericho going to TNA will never happen. He hates Hogan, Eric Bishoff and he has to much loyalty to the WWE something Hogan would know nothing about.

    Now on to the subject. It easy to see they are already setting up a CM Punk vs Jericho feud in the near future. The best in the world will happen soon. The only question is when will it happen. Maybe Chris Jericho make a return at the Royal Rumble an wins it setting up a Punk vs Jericho for the WWE title at WM 28 because I believe Punk is winning at SS. An is going to have a long WWE title run.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHHAHA, Oh wait, what am i laughing at?—-niether Punk or Jericho was funny.

  • Best in the world

    Ha, I’m a huge fan of Jericho. But Punk definitely won this one. After as much dumb shit as they’ve made Jericho do before…He has absolutely no room to talk about “playing with muppets.” 😛

  • Jason

    @ Lillian

    Actually Jericho stated it’s a little combo of both.

  • sammy

    Jericho – tna is calling
    Jealousy and boredom dont mix

  • ajak

    Why can’t we love each other. why must there be dissing and hatred and dislike. Is satan really winning the war. What is God doing?? letting humankind kill themselves, other animals for pleasure.

  • voice of reason

    chris jericho is a man who usrs so many long words with his insults but this comeback was abit like a six year olds comeback.

    but heres my insult tallysheet of wins & losses

    cm punk = 1
    chris jericho = 0

  • poko

    Honestly, the Muppets are old-school and will always be awesome. On the other hand, I cannot ever imagine watching Dancing with the Stars.

    Punk wins this round.

  • xXx

    poor comeback but i’d def love to see y2j vs punk

  • The Great One

    Jericho Vs Punk would be awesome IF IF IF they let Jericho be Y2J, and not the crappy suited up boring Jericho he was when he left.

  • Joe Isch

    Chris Jericho….the ultimate whore of the sport. True.

  • CM Mark

    LOL pitiful comeback Chrissy, pitiful.

  • Best in the world

    Punk v jerico clasic

  • Prince

    I’m down for Y2J vs Punk at WM 28. Jericho comes back and wins the Rumble, challenges Punk. Done.

  • The mark


  • grizz

    Puk is not worthy enough to shine Jericho’s shoes.

  • Lillian

    Chris is funny and I would take DWTS anyday over some stuped muppets .Also Hasan Punk is the ass and you do know this is a set up for a match between Jericho vs Punk duh .Also Chris ‘s band isn’t named after the stuped muppets what are you insane .Chris loves Ozzy thats who there named after.

  • simon07

    Jerico’s band is named after Ozzy Osborne though : / haha

  • Hasan

    Jericho is really becoming an ass !

  • Joe

    Jericho’s band is named after a Muppet.

  • MrDr3w

    What’s worse: playing with Muppets, or doing your hair like one?

  • Omar

    Id like it to be Jericho(c) v Punk for the WWE Championship and at WM29. Have enough time for awesome buildup.

  • Seth

    or 28 whichever one is next 🙂

  • Seth

    Jericho v Punk (c) for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 29

  • Devil_Rising

    lol Jericho knows he’d love to play with Muppets. What a joker.