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Chris Jericho Responds To Raw Speculation, WWE Star Wants To Lose Weight

— Chris Jericho is poking fun at a photograph taken of him at Nashville International Airport yesterday, which is near the site of tonight’s Raw SuperShow.

“Apparently, I’ve been cloned…or somebody has started a great rumour,” Jericho wrote on Twitter.

He then posted several photoshopped images of him at various places including Egypt, Paris, Gettysburg and Kim Jong-il’s funeral.

— Santino Marella says his New Year’s resolution is to drop 20 pounds.

He tweeted, “I usually don’t have resolutions, but this year I do. I will go from 233lbs to 213lbs, and once again be a lean mean something machine.”

  • donners

    just re-watched the latest one of the promo vids again, and on a chalkboard it says ‘he is coming’.

    doesn’t really mean much, because it could be jericho…..

    or taker.
    or brodus clay.
    or skip ‘ryback’ sheffield.
    or vince.
    or mike adamle.

    but i’d be very, very surprised if it was stephanie based on this.

  • Ghost

    Why is Santino trying to lose weight? Its not like there is a Cruiserweight devision #sadface

  • bucky

    anyone think it could be Batista? I am not a fan of him at all but it could be something different like that

  • Joker

    I still say its Jericho…it has many signs that its him..the girl may be steph..or it just may be meaing that punk is the girl…but im still going with it being Jericho…Tonight We Break the Walls Down!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron Damon

    Hahaha! Jeritroll never gets old.

  • Bill

    I NEED to see those pictures!

  • shawn

    now i agree with the doubters. hes a comin!

  • trevor

    definitely vince and steph….and john cena will be their henchman….there is your new NWO people!!!!

  • Mike

    He should have given someone his phone, someones who’s staying in Canada or going wherever and checking in at places, taking random photos etc.. Then go off the radar to Tenn.

  • Jon-Jon

    Santino gets over, which most of the roster can’t do. So firing him wouldn’t make much sense, would it? Hell, even I like Santino, and I hate just about every face on the planet!

    As for these videos, I’m calling it now, it’s Vince and Stephanie.

  • Sammo

    That’s the point of Santino, trevor! And he does comedy better than 99% of the rest of the roster!

  • trevor

    and as for santino dropping 20 pounds, i think the wwe should drop 233 pounds by firing his ass!!!! He serves no purpose other than comedic skits.

  • Payaso

    Why a let down? I hope it is the Undertaker!

  • trevor

    if its taker it would make no sense…..what is the whole idea behind the videos????
    i think the videos are of shane and stephanie….the boy and girl in the videos are portraying them.Looks as though the little girl is controling the little boy and tonite u just wait and see stephanie will be back!!!

  • Josh McDOWELL

    its clearly the brooklyn brawler.

  • MJ

    Its undertaker no doubt in my mind its undertaker its going to be a massive let down if im right LOL!

  • trevor

    its gonna be the ghost of katie vick…
    u heard it here first!!!
    but seriously though, i think we will all be swerved when vince himself returns, and brings back the attitude era…..bye bye pg era!!!!!

  • Stashathan

    He should have never denied it and kept quiet
    and let us see for ourselves if it really is him or not
    unless its not him and Vince said make it look like
    him. IDK all signs point to Jericho

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    LOL, The more Chris Jericho denys it the more I actually think it is him.

  • TheMark

    When the promos first aired he said he’d be in Hawaii today.

  • Jake

    Yea Chris but you also said you would be in Canada this week, can’t wait for 11 tonight