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Chris Jericho Returning to RAW as a Babyface?, Matt Hardy Promotes Extreme Rising

– Below is Matt Hardy’s video from earlier this month to promote his appearances for the Extreme Rising promotion later this month:

– Chris Jericho’s WWE suspension ends this weekend and he will be returning on Monday’s RAW. Jericho continues his suspension countdown on Twitter this morning:

“One man, one goal One mission One heart, one soul Just one solution One flash of light One God, one vision One flesh, one bone…”

Speaking of Jericho’s return to RAW, speculation from within WWE this week is that he will receive a babyface push.

  • Tyler(:

    And SYM/poko have the balls to say I’m a dick?

  • voice of reason

    @ keith learmonth you bugger i’m slapping my head that’s where those lyrics are from thank you for helping me out it is much appreciated arrgh i nearly had it anyways thanks heaps keith.

  • voice of reason

    @ sym i like ya, you always have something to say that is good and if your an idiot who cares i don’t keep em coming that’s what i say.

    and bith i think that may mean both but i’m not sure.

  • Keith Learmonth

    God damn, man… if you’re going to criticise someone else’s use of the English language, get it right yourself. “What does that man you?” indeed. For shame.

    On a positive note, good to see Jericho making a reference to such a classic song, “One Vision” by Queen.

  • SYM

    @ant what’s bith? Oh and you never have anything intelligent to say, so if we’re “idiots” what does that man you?

  • ant

    has anyone ever noticed that Yofits and SYM are bith total idiots? just saying

  • Whatever

    Jericho as babyface, I say do it!
    Then, turn orton heel…

  • shawn

    i think hes turning to promote his up-coming tour dates. it’d be hard to get the fans interested in that if hes heel. him being the Y2J personality is like his enthusiasm on stage.

  • mark

    I agree with a change to babyface. hes been for quite some time now. time to be a jericholic once again

  • SYM

    Has anyone else noticed that yofits says the same thing when a article involves Matt Hardy? LOL

  • mabry

    @yofits, hahahaha, it was hard not to laugh out loud at work after reading that!!!…

  • T-Will

    @Sam Peters I understand what your saying but at the same damn time why don’t they have Jericho come back when Orton comes back so they can continue they’re storyline I just hope they have Jericho be A tweener instead like CM Punk was last year.

  • Prince

    Who will he feud with though? Rhodes? Bryan? Ziggler? Any of those feuds would be gold.

  • sam

    personally i think it would be a good move him being a babyface when he has in the past hes been extremely over

  • yofits

    fatt lardy will not diet.

  • Sam Peters

    i was only saying this to someone earlier that with the lack of faces that he would prob be brought back as a face