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- During an interview with Brian Fritz of Fanhouse.com, Chris Jericho said that he may be returning to the ring soon. “I consider it always because it’s not like it was in 2005 where I was sick of wrestling.” Jericho told Fanhouse. “Sick of it is maybe a harsh word. Disenchanted, I guess, is a better word.

“I wasn’t disenchanted when I left in September. It was just my contract was up. That was it. And there were other things just waiting to come through. Even if I was coming back, I always would have taken those four months, three months off to do the Fozzy tours. Then other things have kind of popped up to delay my return.”

On his contractual status with WWE Jericho said: “I mean, there’s a deal on the table, he said. “A deal on the table that’s 90-percent done. There’s a couple of minor things that we had to hammer out. It would just be a matter of what other stuff is going on and how that stuff is going.”

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  • Jericho4life

    Satan who gives a shit what you want or think .Chris is great the best ever and his short hair and suit heel is the best in wwe history .Chris is all grown up and you won’t ever see the long hair and beard again .Grow up and get out of the past you fool.

  • Lillian

    Sarah you are one stupid fan .Chris and Booker T are legends so respect them you Cena fan .Chris will come back better then ever .It doesn’t matter if he is face or heel .As long as he comes back and some of you fans need to stop living in the past .You will never see Chris with long hair or a beard again .He said that and me for one I love the older wrestlers a lot better then these younger ones .They get everything handed to them.

  • Big T

    I agree with Satan….that sounds kinda weird.

  • Satan

    I want the old long haired/Jesus Beard Jericho back with the awesome tights not this new slick haired frat boy looking wussy even though he’s still good in the ring i’m not a fan of the new jericho character.

  • misfit

    @ sarah, if you think chris jericho and or booker t, are boring you are as stupid as you are ugly, I take it you’re a new wrestling fan, that’s never seen any of they’re wcw and pre pg era wwe stuff?, wow that’s ignorance on your part.

  • Vinny

    this is great! Jericho making his return, Nash returned, Booker returned, Sting is on his way. Unbelievable. What a year for WWE!

  • Matt

    Date: Feb 01, 2011 at 11:58 AM

    I wanna see the man of 1004 holds come back!

    ARMBAR!!!!!!!! :P

  • sarah

    yay, now he can come back and bore us all to sleep again, that’s what wrestling needs bore boring charactors that are uninspiring and unexciting.

    If it weren’t for WWE taking back Booker (yawn) T it would almost be as exciting as TNA was

  • Rich

    he still isn’t coming back in time for wrestlemania so i guess we”ll see chris jericho after wrestlemania

  • Nate

    Shame that deal couldn’t have been finished by the Royal Rumble, that would have been amazing.

  • Josh

    I like the talent the wwe is bringing in. They bring in Nash, Booker, Sting hopefully, bring back jericho. They have so much young talent and there is still the old guys like taker, kane, hhh. There is a lot of talent in the wwe. Now if the writers would get on track and if it went back to tv-14 and the way attitude was then wrestling would be great again.

  • Bingo Nik

    Didn’t Jericho say just 3 days ago that he would never leak details about returning, were he to ever return?!

  • Hunter

    I wanna see the man of 1004 holds come back!

  • CC

    when he does return, it will be interesting whether he returns as the same character as when he left, or whether the old Jericho will return.
    As much as I thought the new Jericho was great, we really need the wise cracking Jericho back. Dont care if he is heel or face, just bring back Y2J.

    as for the video package, be surprised if its him as it seems to be more horror orientated, which is why the two most obvious wrestlers would be Taker and Sting.

    Of course, at the end of the day, it could be anyone.

  • Dave

    I’m starting to think that video might be teasing all of us, and it’s actually Jericho.

  • al

    jericho is awsommme

  • Azn

    Yes, a reason to watch the WWE again.

  • Howe

    Is he the 2-21-11 surprise?

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