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Chris Jericho Speaks on His Team with Big Show, Edge Returning and More

– The Ottawa Sun has an article up with Chris Jericho today. Here are some of the highlights:

Jericho on returning to WWE as a face: “I came back as a half-assed babyface. But I wanted to develop this character, part of it was from Anton Chigurh, from No Country for Old Men — a complete psycho. I wanted to step away from everything Y2J was, from the hair to the entrance to the electricity. To still have serious heel heat a year and a half into that character is something to be proud of. I’m a very good puppet master. I don’t like when the fans chant ‘Y2J.’ It’s not cool.”

Jericho on working with Edge: “We had a big storyline planned. When Edge comes back, if Edge comes back, I”ll be waiting. I’ll fight kicking and screaming to never be a babyface again.”

Jericho on his team with Big Show: “The original idea was to build up a program with me and (partner at the time) Edge. When he got injured, nobody knew what to do. Vince came up with The Big Show. The best tag teams are odd couples.”

“People were saying, it should be The Miz or it should be Dolph Ziggler. But you can’t replace Edge with a guy who’s on his way up. You need somebody who has the same kind of presence as Edge. The Big Show was a great idea.


    That IS an awful idea. You’d basically have a half assed Canadian Legacy. WWE rehashes and reuses enough angles as it is.

  • Butthole

    Leizar=Fucking idiot!

    Thats not a horrible idea fucktard.
    You obviously dont know shit about wrestling.

  • Vampi

    I think Jericho-Big Show is a cool idea. They look cool in suits… Is like Sam and Twitch

  • marks

    kyles right, but u gotta admit show and jericho r the perfect team because jericho talks trash, big show backs it up. big show kos opponant,jericho gets the pin. face it, they should be together for a long time.

  • Kyle

    if he wanted a big guy as his partner, he should of got kane

  • Leizar

    Dream on, “Hartmaniac”. That’s a horrible idea.

  • Hartmaniac

    It would be better if Jericho went to the Hart Dynasty to be their Leader

  • JJ

    Sorry Jericho. Big Show was an awful idea. I understand the concept, but I thought that there is plenty of talent for that position.