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Chris Jericho Talking with WWE About a Return, Punk Going to Australia, WWE in NJ

– A pre-sale for WWE SmackDown’s return to the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey on December 30th kicks off this morning. The password is ACCESS.

– CM Punk is headed to Australia this week for the Australian Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, which take place on Friday. Punk is nominated for the “Baddest Baddie” award.

– According to sources close to the situation, Chris Jericho has been talking with WWE about his future with the company. Jericho’s return may not be a full-time thing and it’s said he may work a limited schedule, something similar to The Rock. There’s no word yet on when he might return but it’s believed he will work with WWE again closer to 2012.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Who said he was a sellout? I just basically stated he distanced himself for WWE. Another thing is him being back for the fans… It wouldn’t have taken him 7yrs to show via satellite if it was for fans. For years people have been wanting him back.

  • JOE

    So because he changed is name back to his real one he’s a sell out??? He hasn’t wrestled in seven years he’s a sell out??? You do realize he retired after that match with goldberg right?!?!

  • Lillian

    cheesehandler your such a fool .Get some repect you jackass Chris is coming back and will make wwe worth watching again .Right now wwe is shit .

  • knightcon

    I agree that Jericho is as bad as the rock but rock said he was dropping the rock name but there isn’t a single movie where he isn’t credited as Dwayne “the rock” Johnsone

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I’m not one to speak for others and I know you didn’t direct it a me but there are 2 distinctive differences between Jericho and Rock. 1)When Jericho takes his leave, it does not take him 7yrs to return. 2) Again when Jericho leaves, he does not try and distance himself from something that made him. He did not drop the Jericho name which cannot be said for Dwayne Johnson…

  • JOE

    @king what’s the difference between the rock and Jericho????

  • Legend Killer

    @ryan – Wasn’t the liontamer and lionsault the same thing? I thought the boston crap was always the walls of jericho. I might be wrong but that’s what i was led to believe.

  • cheesehandler

    i hope jericho NEVER…and i mean ever…..comes back…ah-gain!!

  • josh

    @Tony A.

    That would be perfect, so that means it won’t happen

  • Prince

    Two words. FUCK YES! Idc what his schedule is, just want him back NOW. There’s so many good feuds he could have. Orton, Punk, ADR, Miz, Rock, Cody Rhodes, etc. List can go on and on. WWE needs him back.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    King, you better not speak ill of Rocky. You will be automatically wrong and might be labelled as a troll like I once was from these Rocksuckers(see what i did there?)…

  • aj satyre

    Jericho as a brand isn’t about his move set. Granted, he is very skilled in the ring, but Jericho’s brand has been his promo’s. The best in the world, etc. His stints with Goldberg, Christian, HBK and the Rock are what sets him apart from the john morrison’s of the world. Punk is a great in ring wrestler, but his promo’s make him the best since jericho. Jericho and punk are even in their abilities in and out of the ring. rock and hhh (slight edge to rock on mic.) austin and cena (good at target marketing, okay in ring) etc.

  • Rick

    wudnt suprise me if jericho returned in time 4 the surviver series. 2 “save” the wwe from the invasion….teaming with cena rock punk and triple H. now that wud b awesome 🙂

  • venom

    At Wrestlemania 28, it will be Orton vs Jericho. Orton took out Jericho. I am expecting Jericho to cause Orton to get eliminated from The Rumble.

  • Tony A.

    Punk Vs. Jericho best of 7 to determine who’s the best in the world

  • No1Coleminer

    omg how could King say anything bad about rocky???!!!! blasphemy! you will now loose all rights to have a differing opinion to that of the fickle majority!

  • Monte

    Jericho/Taker at WM.

  • Ryan

    Well Lillian, Jericho has stolen moves from wrestlers as well 😉 He didn’t invent the boston crap (lion tamer) he didn’t invent the lionsault (Ultimo Dragon) he didn’t invent the codebreaker,etc. etc.

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    well its official king, you sir are a moron.

  • Lillian

    Thats because they have you moron .If you don’t see that your just stuped.

  • Ryan

    @King all jericho has done lately is bitch and moan about people stealing “his moves”…

  • TS93

    If rock was back full time it’d get stale retard

  • Lillian

    As long as Chris comes back Im happy .

  • rick


  • King

    i don’t believe he’ll have a crock scheduling..cuz unlike the crock Jericho happens to love & respect the business…yeah sure granted he has taken 2 stints off but thats all because he wanted/needed a break & wanted to reinvent himself….where the crock sold out & forgot where he came from & what made him & turned his back on us fans…but regardless im just glad hes returning finally….Y2J Y2J Y2J

  • The Great One

    one more Rock VS Jericho match would be a freaking dream

  • charlie

    dont be a pussy jericho and work full time. I like the guy even though i wished he had his long hair and pants tights but we all know that he is only coming back because all the focus is on punk the rock triple h and the miz. i like jericho but no doubt he jealous of punks success and doesnt want the miz becoming jericho exactly