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Chris Jericho Talks Differences Between WWE & Fozzy Touring and More

Chris Jericho discussed Fozzy’s new album ‘Sin and Bones,’ touring with WWE and Fozzy and much more in an interview with Loudwire. Here are some highlights.

Biggest differences between touring for WWE and Fozzy: “Well, Uproar [Festival] notwithstanding, we’re playing bigger venues with the WWE, so they’re all arenas and stuff like that. Whereas with Fozzy, it’s more clubs and theaters. With WWE, everywhere I travel, I travel by myself, whereas with you’re in the band, you’re on the bus with everybody else. It’s a much easier vibe to travel by bus, especially in Europe because with the WWE there is a lot of flying. Short flights are hard because you’ve got to get to the airport, you’ve got to check in, you’ve got to go through security, then you’ve got to wait, then you’re on the plane, then you take the flight, then you’re off the plane and you wait, then you get your bags, you go to transportation, then you go to the hotel. The bus is kind of your one stop shop. You get on it, you hang out, you get off it, and you’re at the next gig. So, there is a little bit of sanity in traveling by myself, which I love with the WWE, but it’s way easier to travel with Fozzy on the bus for sure. It makes it a lot less of a hassle to be traveling for long periods of time when you’re in your own little world that you never have to really get out of.”

Why he returned to WWE: “The only reason why I came back this time to the WWE, for the nine months I was back, is because we were recording a new record and my contribution is writing the lyrics and singing. I had all the lyrics written before the record started, and then once we started recording, I’ve got 15 days of work and other than that I’m not doing anything. So, it was a perfect time for me to come back to the WWE for not a short run, but a decent size run. Like I said, the record is coming out, it’s time to go back full-time with Fozzy and see where the road takes me then.”

  • CC

    I’m sorry but while I do agree that Chris goes back for money, your ignorance of how popular the band is, and why they are popular is quite humourous.
    While its obvious some fans of Fozzy are only into them because of Jericho, no non-metal fan is gonna be a fan just because Jericho is in the band. Every time I have seen them live, they sell out venues the same size as more well known bands, and most of the fans are metal fans, not wrestling fans.
    Rich Ward is more well known in the metal fraternity than Jericho is, and if you have never heard of Stuck Mojo, thats probably because you are not a metal fan.

  • Mojojojo

    Agreed, that’s pretty true. Fozzy is only known at all because Jericho is a wrestler.

  • Chuva

    Why he returned to WWE: “Money, why else? Gotta pay for the Fozzy recoding somehow.”

    No offense to Chris, love the guy, but it’s clear WWE pays the Fozzy bills. Nobody really cares about Fozzy.