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Chris Jericho To Tour With Fozzy Through March, Where Is Kimberly Page?, More

– Chris Jericho, who plans to leave WWE following SummerSlam to tour with his heavy metal band Fozzy, will be committed though at least March 2013. The official Twitter feed of Fozzy announced Tuesday that the group will perform in Australia at music festival Soundwave, which takes place Saturday, February 23 through Monday, March 4.

– Former WCW star Scotty Riggs addressed the whereabouts of noted valet Kimberly Page (a/k/a The Booty Babe, a/k/a The Booty Girl, a/k/a The Diamond Doll) via Twitter, writing, “She is living a normal life in Utah now!!” The Nitro Girls founder remarried after divorcing Diamond Dallas Page in 2005 and works as a management consultant.

– This week’s WWE Classics On Demand updates are as follows: WWF at Boston Garden (April 26, 1986), Raw “The Beginning”: The Best of Seasons 1 & 2, Extreme Championship Wrestling (April 14, 1998), WWF Mania (January 30, 1993), World Class Championship Wrestling (March 11, 1984).

– WWE Champion CM Punk is featured on the cover of Fighting Spirit Magazine.

  • Jericho Wanna B

    Jericho will be back after the tour he has said before he don’t wanna retire from wrestling yet he just likes doing other things..I say we will have some more good runs with Jericho and I see a face run when he comes back with him being the champ.

  • Ant

    Fozzy is heavy metal? Yea that ain’t right.

  • Big worm

    Fuck all of you, Jericho will be back in time for wrestlemania, so all of you stop cryin already, especially you sym, you little bitch. Ha.

  • Greggy

    Jericho is a freaking dick but I’d still suck his and I’m not even gay.

  • Logan

    Kimberly Page……..giggity.

    @JohnCena33 – She also did Playboy in the 90s

  • JohnCena33 FEARS! MaNic

    and that sucks about Jericho he’s really the only really i watch this childish boring watered down ”wrestling” anymore , i also do know that Kim Page did playboy so don’t hit me up with comments say that aint her first time nude! i know!

  • JohnCena33 FEARS! MaNic

    living a normal life aside from showing her tits in the 40 year old virgin. for those who didn’t know , your welcome! have fun on google.

  • SYM

    Yeah thats right y2j, leave us and be the sellout you are.