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Chris Jericho Video Interview, JR Comments on Orton and Undertaker’s Hair

– Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter about this week’s hot topics – The Undertaker’s hair and Randy Orton’s status for Elimination Chamber:

“Don’t know why Taker cut his hair but assume we’ll learn more on the next installment of RAW. Obviously Deadman altering his look but why?”

“Re: Orton’s concussion, he’s out of Sundays PPV.WWE travels a medical doctor & certified athletic trainer to every event..4 those who asked.”

– Thanks to Mikel for passing along this link. Here is Chris Jericho on KTLA Morning News Tuesday:

  • moo

    Jericho has turned into a showbiz dandy.

  • ogitchida

    im so tired of j.r. and ALL of the other superstars and these stupid twitter and facebook accounts…. what nobody gets…. is that all of them… everybody that works for or is invovled in WWE… are told exactly what to say on their twitter and facebook accounts… EVERYTHING !!!…. just like the scripts they get every week for the next live show.. like any of these superstars or people working for the company are actually gunna say what they really feel…. if that were the case… nobody associated with the company would have accounts… i dont take shit any of these guys say on their accounts seriously…. like fat ass j.r. doesnt know…. come the fuck on… he knows..