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Chris Jericho on if there will be any ‘Stupid Idiot’ Merchandise

In a recent interview with FanSided to promote his new podcast network ‘The Jericho Network’, Chris Jericho recently spoke on his current run with the WWE and if there will be any ‘Stupid Idiot’ merchandise released in the near future.

On his run with the WWE:

“It’s always a blast coming back. I think the work I’m doing this year has been the best of my career. At least since 2008-2009. It’s fun being heel and being locked into something I haven’t been doing for years. I think it’s really grown on people.

“Let me tell you the guys I’m working with that are 10-15 years younger than me are pushing me to that next level. It’s so much fun because my desire level continues to rise and work that much harder. As long as I still can move and feel like I’m at my peak, I will continue to do this. If I ever start feeling like I’m going down the totem pole, ability wise. People say age is just a number and it really is. Psychologically, I feel like I’m at the top of my game.”

On if we will see any ‘Stupid Idiot’ merchandise:

“I have a real rule that when I’m heel I don’t want the WWE selling my merchandise. I don’t want someone in the crowd wearing a shirt with that phrase and thinking it’s funny when it’s supposed to be an insult. I still have enough old school in me that I don’t want people wearing my slogans or phrases that are supposed to be booing me. Does it really matter? Probably not. But it’s one of those things to me that it does matter. Maybe it will piss you off that there are no shirts out there so it will make you boo or hate me more.”

  • CC

    the only problem is, its not the heels that the fans boo anymore. the two guys getting the most boos these days are Cena and Reigns (and lets not forget Batista when he returned either), the ones that are supposed to be top baby faces. The heels like Rollins, Jericho & Bray Wyatt are the ones getting cheered.
    Only heels that get booed more often than not are the ones people don’t care about, like Sheamus, or the generic “foreigner” type heels.

    Look at New Day. They started out with the Sucks chants, and were turned face when the fans realised just how entertaining they were.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Very well stated.