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– Chris Jericho and William Regal had a back-and-forth on Twitter yesterday after Jericho teased fans with the following:

“Good news! Just signed a deal with Methuselah…I’m gonna wrestle until I’m 946 years old! Hurrah! Congrats fans, you got what u wanted!”

Regal replied:

“Perhaps I should invent some new stuff you can steal from me!”

Jericho responded:

“That would be great since you’ve done nothing new for years”

Finally, Regal ended it with the following:

“While the likes of Chris Jerico and some of his worthless friends make a big production of passing the torch,I just do as I always do without fanfare and truly encourage,train and mentor the younger talent.How dare I call help without getting credit heaped on me.Shame,regal,Shame.”

  • SYM

    Now you know…….JERITROLL!

  • Bawb

    That facetious fight had to have had some underlying heat.


    Regal won bro imo

  • rko

    Jericho can be a real dick sometimes.

  • TG

    Lol Jericho I think you meant 969.

  • John

    Regal is absolutely right. He probably contributes more to getting new stars ready than anyone else and asks for nothing in return. All the while Jericho is doing everything h can to break away from the wrestling biz. I get the impression if he ever did make it big as a singer or actor, which he won’t, we’d never see him again.

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    BOOM! Sick burn.

  • prince albert

    Regal owned Y2j 😉

  • Tyler(:

    Not as good as Scott Steiner’s stuff, sorry gentlemen.

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