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Chris Jericho Says He Will Never Wrestle for WWE Again

– Former WWE Superstar Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter last night.

It sounds like he may have something in the works with Dancing With the Stars again:

“Let me get something straight…I will never wrestle for the WWE again. But there is some big news coming up in the world of dance….”

  • Jay

    If Jericho doesn’t come then I can honestly say I’m pretty much done with wrestling. I dont watch Raw or Smackdown anymore. After Edge retired and Taker taking a long break. There no one in the business today that has caught my attention.

  • JIR

    As a Jericho mark gotta admit i don’t want him to come back to wrestling if its not his passion his work would hurt from it and as a fan I hold him to a higher standard than say Cena, or the older TNA roster. Jericho needs to focus on other projects for a year or so then ask himself if he even wants to come back

  • CM Mark

    Wow. That’s something I didn’t expect to read. Chrissy is gone for good. Oh well.

  • y2juddy

    Y2J in his trolling best, gotta love him. Anybody thought that the whole him having a go at all these wrestlers using similar moves to him, is not him trolling, needs to realise its Y2J!!! He is building up his new character, he has said when he returns he wants to try something new, this is the new Y2J.

  • D2K

    I don’t believe him, but if he doesn’t come back I agree that he wouldn’t be missing much if anything at all. He’s already a legend, filthy rich, a sure-bet Hall Of Famer, and has a career outside of wrestling. No reason for him to come back outside of a guest spot here and there

  • Devil_Rising

    Jericho has had one of the most successful careers in wrestling history. He has nothing left to prove, and if he wants to spend his time dancing like a fruitcake, or more appropriately with his band Fozzy (or God forbid, actually staying home with his family), then let him. He doesn’t need to come back.

    WWE just needs to sign/push better new stars. Sheamus/Brodus Clay/Mason Ryan/Alex Riley/etc. just aren’t it. And Orton/Cena are beyond old. CM Punk, Sin Cara, I suppose Cody Rhodes are good. But back in the “New Generation” and Attitude” eras, they knew how to sign or make BIG stars, even more entertaining mid-carders. The business was simply better when there was the NWA/WCW/AWA, etc. Now it’s just TNA and…..RoH. Kinda. Wow. So WWE feels like they don’t have to try.

  • Liam Catterson


    I checked his account. He did complain about Epico stealing his move

  • Bawb


    Explain the video game situation.

  • cheese handler

    sounds good to me!! screw jericho, he’s a chump.

  • Jay EZ

    Chris Jericho……retired wrestler now turned professional dancer.

  • adam

    He will be back he did the same thing before his last come back saying he would never come back again and he wont be there anytime soon. Then months later he was in the WWE so at royal rumble we will be seeing you chris have fun until then.

  • nick

    see u in the wwe soon chris…

  • nobody

    Yup. He even wrote in his book about how he tried to throw people off his return date last time he came back. Jericho knows how to keep a secret. If he is done, then fine; but if he isn’t, he’ll never tell us

  • Prince

    Well, this seals the fact that he’s coming back, and soon. I know he said he would want it completely secret. So he’ll make it sound like he’ll never wrestle again and then BOOM he’ll show up. It will catch the majority of people off guard. The rumble is too predictable though. He should show up randomly at some other point.

  • venom

    Okay, I guess this means Jericho is be returning to the Rumble. Yes, he does not owe this business anything, but ending your career with a punt to the head? That is why I think he will comeback for another match and then will retire.

  • zach d

    Screw u jericho

  • CC

    the guy loves winding up internet fans, its that simple.
    the more people beg him to come back, the more he will deny he will come back.
    he is a savvy man, and he knows the best way to return is if its unexpected. dont expect him to ever say he is returning.

  • ironcross

    Y2J Trollin much

  • luckysalt

    Hes doing Fozzy again all next year.

  • drew

    I am surpised that he wasn’t complaining about Epico Sterling the code breaker

  • Bawb

    I believe it. I think he realizes his and WWE’s best days are behind them. The product sucks and it will take a long time for anyone, wrestlers and fans alike, to be interested enough to become involved again. Especially for the wrestlers, who have to risk their bodies.

    Plus, he just sounds like he wants nothing to do with wrestling and gets mad when everyone refers to it. He’s not even in the video game, which really is a cause for suspicion; I mean, it’s just a video game, if anything ,it’s extra cash in his pocket. But what does this fucking guy expect? He’s been a face of the WWE for a while.

  • Hasan

    areyouseriousbro ?!

  • Buttercastle

    I don’t believe him, he didn’t say “never…….. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever!”

  • lushie