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Chris Jericho’s Favorite Wrestling Match, Legend at Live Event

Chris Jericho’s Favorite Wrestling Match, Legend at Live Event

– As noted earlier, CM Punk stated that legend Dory Funk, Jr. was at last night’s WWE live event in Jacksonville, FL. Chris Jericho posted a photo of himself and Funk on Twitter.

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– Chris Jericho recently stated on his Twitter account that his favorite match was in a ladder match against Shawn Michaels back in 2008. Jericho also noted that Shawn Michaels is the greatest wrestler of all time and his favorite ECW match was against Pitbull for the TV title.

  • Tombstone

    @yofits, @SYM


  • SYM

    Yofits Shut the Fuck up, your annoying. Austin ur honestly a idiot,, Beniot’s from Canada, he lived in Georgia. And Y2J is not the Greatest of all Time. Hes below alot of Legends. The Greatest for me will be Lou Thesz he was Classic.

  • Hbk v y2j mania 19 for me

  • Really

    Y2J is truly one of the greatest of all time in and out on the ring. I think HBK & The Undertaker are the best of all time with Y2J #3.
    Stone Cold, The Rock & Hulk Hogan may have been better on the mic but in the ring they were no where near as good.

  • Bill

    Honestly, Chris Jericho himself is arguably the greatest wrestler of all time. He’s great in the ring, outside of the ring, & on the mic, too. In my opinion, he was robbed of a true title reign during his first couple years in WWE excluding the Undisputed title. I’d love to see him face many young superstars in the future.

  • Austin

    So Vince hates Americans too? You fucking idiot. They can mention Chris Benoit during history in WWE but they will not promote him or talk good about him in any way.

  • yofits

    FAUX! the best Jericho was match CHRIS JERICHO vs CHRIS BENOIT 2 out of 3 falls at SUMMERSLAM 2000, but of course that RACIST Vince McMahon won’t allow him to say that because Benoit is Canadian & Vince is RACIST!

  • mike

    out of all his classic matches, he picks that one. Why?