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Chris Masters Posts a Photo of His Curvy Spine, WWE RAW Rating from Monday

– Former WWE Superstar Chris Masters posted a photo on his Instagram account of his spine, after ten years in the professional wrestling business.

X Ray of Chris Masters Back

“After a decade of #Wrestling here’s what my spines looking like! You really have to love this Buiz to…”

– Monday’s WWE RAW episode scored a 3.07 cabled TV rating, down from the previous week’s 3.24 rating. The show averaged 4.190 million viewers, down from last week’s 4.298 million.

RAW did 4.129 million viewers the first hour, 4,291 million the second and 4.151 million for the final third hour.


    The truth is truth get the f out ruined ruthless aggression so he stopped marketing it. There was no ruthless aggression era. And if ur wrong ur just wrong stop whining about it and actually bring some facts instead of ur opinion

  • JohnCena33

    Why must you make it a point to say I am wrong about everything. Please stop.


    Amazing injuries happen everyday but the wwe is still the safest physical place to work at 10 years and his back is a lil curvy. Look at any football player after 10 years and see what he shows u as injuries


    Ruthless aggression era??? That was like 2 months of tv where is the era in that. Vince McMahon didn’t even market that after 2 months he stopped saying it completely for 3 years then all of a sudden popped back up on tv and said now that’s what I like ruthless aggression. That is not an era

  • xXx

    ikr? this is the first time in a while that i like the way they booked the majority of the show

  • JohnCena33

    RAW deserved a higher rating than it got. Punk, AJ, Bryan, Shield, put on a great show, cant remember a good couple months stretch where the WHOLE SHOW was entertaining since the ruthless aggression era.