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Chris Masters Responds To WWE’s Best Bodies Snub, Latest Ultimate Warrior Video

– Chris Mordetzky, who performed as Chris Masters for WWE, is not pleased with being snubbed by his former employer in their article Monday ranking the 20 most impressive physiques in company history.

“Travesty. They’d rather not acknowledge my existence,” wrote Mordetzky. “If we were currently @WWE @carlitocolon and @Chrismasters310 would clearly be on top of the list#”BodyGuyz.”

Enclosing the following photo, he added, “I’ll put my physique against anybodies on @wwe list.”

– Former WWE Champion Ultimate Warrior released a video Wednesday promoting his appearances next month for Big Time Wrestling in Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine. He will make in-ring appearances on both shows and participate in pre-show autograph signings. Event details are available at


  • cc

    It is ridiculous he isnt on it considering some of the guys who are, but the bulk of the list are not current WWE stars, so dont see why they would snub him. Hell, being with WWE at the moment doesnt stop you from getting snubbed either. For instance you would have thought Ryback would have been on it considering his push. And what about Mason Ryan?
    There are plenty of people that should have been on the list that arent (although its understandable that some like Chyna and Warrior aint), but at least they acknowledged the past with guys that a lot of current WWE fans have probably never heard of.

  • Tombstone

    ^^^^^^^ At least your not a total Dumbass! Oops wait, you are a total Dumbass!

  • Nick

    At least he is on it..