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Chris Masters Working With TNA’s India Project, Preview For Thursday’s Impact

— Former WWE star Chris Masters stated Friday during an interview with the Pro Wrestling Torch that he will be among the troupe of wrestlers traveling to India to tape the first footage for TNA Wrestling’s planned debut on the television network Colors. The wrestlers have been booked for seven days, including travel days, the week of December 15.

A mixture of recognizable faces and independent wrestlers are scheduled for the project. The project will not utilize the TNA logo or name.

— TNA Wrestling has released the following video previewing Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling.


Impact Wrestling drew it’s best ratings on Challenge for the week of November 14-20 with a combined 454,000 viewers watching three airings of the show.


  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    People are still expecting Cena to turn heel? It will never happen unless Vince gets a new face for his company which again will not happen. Cena is Vince’s cash cow. On top of all that, what do you think will happen with a petition? Just because it has signatures doesn’t mean Vince/WWE has to do a damn thing.

  • TS93

    Hey I started a petition to turn cena heel if Ryder and Goldust have petitions why not Cena? plz sign. My explanation on the site sums up exactly why this needs to happen

  • MJ

    Nobody cares about jeff jarrett. Nuff said!

  • Superman

    By the way is anyone else bothered by aj styles’ pose it looks like it should be for a porn movie not a wrestling program……… unless you’re the big valbowski

  • Superman

    The thing is when jh isn’t high he performs good as for jj he always sucks but yet thinks he some sort of wrestling god who can actually draw which is only in his own head bottom line jj has always and will always suck no matter how great he thinks he is

  • Tyler(:

    Moaning about Jeff J in the main event? yet Jeff H is in it and don’t complain.

    Roode and Styles are by far above par than both Jeffs.

  • MJ

    Again jeff jarrett in the main event is just awful!