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Chris Masters On Being Let Go By WWE Twice, What Led Him To Stop Using Drugs


This month former WWE Superstar Chris Masters speaks to The Wrestling Press about his recent release, the reasons behind his first departure with WWE and his experience of drugs in wrestling, plus various other subjects.

Here’s what he had to say:

On the subject of being released for the first time by WWE: “I really kind of brought it on myself and I accepted it. I was very young at the time and I was thrust into success at such a quick rate that I was irresponsible and I didn’t really appreciate the opportunities given.”

On his experience of drugs in wrestling: “I was in Europe, Spain, working a tour and I looked in the mirror and it felt like I just reached a point where I thought enough of this. I had to get my life back on track, I had to get my health back on track and I wanted to be with WWE again. I looked back to the things I had lost in the last four years and it was like I just kept losing, losing and losing that eventually I wouldn’t have anything”

On his recent release from WWE: “I was a million times better in my second run with the company; I was one of the better all-round guys in that place. You got a lot of guys who are really green and I am at the peak of my career. For me it’s a controversial release, they dropped the ball.”

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  • tombstonepiledriver

    ^^^ Masters is an incredible athlete and a very good performer. Despite your claims. Maybe you overrate how much anyone cares about your opinion.

  • CC

    Masters seriously overrates himself. He may have been better second time round, but he still wasnt on a par with a huge section of the roster, despite his claims.

    Maybe more could have been done with him, but I’d hardly say it was a huge loss to the company, the fans or wrestling as a whole.

  • Alan

    Yeah…I liked Masters…the Master Lock was pretty bad ass. They keep bringing on a bunch of dumbshits instead of trying to make something good out of the ones they have.

  • venom

    I agree Masters could have been something and they did drop the ball with him. His master lock challenge was good.