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Chris Nowinski Talks Randy Orton Taking Time Off and Chris Benoit

– Former WWE star Chris Nowinski, of the Sports Legacy Institute, told The Busted Open radio show that Randy Orton is now advocating to take time off to heal from injuries. Nowinski ran into Orton last year and Orton was talking about his concussion experiences.

“A guy like Randy Orton just didn’t buy into it, and I ran into him in March, and he started talking about his concussion experiences and he was like, ‘Gosh I didn’t know it was that bad.’ He is an advocate for himself now to take time off and so it’¬ís interesting to see this turn.”

Nowinski also talked about conversations he had with Chris Benoit days before the June 2007 tragedy.

“We incorporated Sports Legacies ten days before the Benoit tragedy. A year prior to that I sat down with Benoit when I was still working for (WWE) and he just started asking me questions. He was more interested than any other wrestler, which helps me realize that he actually knew there was something wrong with him. He asked me about how many concussions I had and I asked him and he said, ‘Well, I had more concussions than I can count.’ So, because he told me that and then he told me to give him a call. I remember months later… I called him and he acted like he didn’t know why I was calling after he gave me his number. So, I thought maybe there was a memory thing or maybe a mood thing going on. So, when it happened, I was sure that is why it happened.”

Source: PWTorch

  • venom

    I think Christian should stop doing the headbutts off of the top rope.

  • CC

    One of the biggest problems is too many people want to paint Benoit as either totally evil or put it down to drug abuse.
    They dont want to look at the fact that the autopsy showed he had the brain of an 80 year old, more than likely due to the concussions he suffered over the years (especially seeing as he used the flying headbutt constantly).

    Nobody is trying to make excuses for what he did, or absolve him of blame, but what they are trying to do is make people aware of the issue and stop any potentially problems happening to others later in life.
    Maybe if there had been more awareness of concussions, the Benoit family may have still been alive today. Maybe it wouldnt have made a difference, but you cannot ignore the possibility that ignorance of concussions lead to this incident.

  • centerman

    Chris Nowinski in my opinion is a bright guy. He’s trying to enlighten people about head and brain injuries. He’s only speaking logic. Sadly people are behaving as if he’s just some silly rube spouting claims of Global Warming and are denying and ignoring him. That’s unfortunate because I believe he may be onto something.

  • Bawb

    Very creepy about Nowinski’s experience/interaction with Benoit.

  • Jimbo

    Yes, please take time off and let other guys into the spotlight for a change.