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Chris Sabin Leaving TNA Also?, Dixie Speaking on Impact, Roode vs. Storm PPV Special

– In addition to six-man action with Kurt Angle, Sting and AJ Styles vs. Kazarian, Daniels and Bobby Roode on this Thursday’s live Impact, TNA President Dixie Carter will address the end of last week’s show where a phone conversation between her and AJ Styles was played by Kazarian and Daniels.

– TNA will be running a one-hour pay-per-view special focusing on the feud between James Storm and Bobby Roode. “TNA Unfinished Business: Storm vs. Roode” premieres on pay-per-view July 1st.

– There are reports going around that Chris Sabin will be following his tag team partner Alex Shelley and leaving TNA when his current deal expires. The unconfirmed report states that Sabin has told friends he is leaving when his deal expires this August.

Sabin’s girlfriend Velvet Sky responded to the reports on Twitter:

“People, Chris Sabin is NOT, I repeat, NOT leaving TNA! I’M getting lots of those questions. Please stop believing everything u read.”

  • Jon

    wf3458 prove us wrong.

  • Jon

    I think wf3458 is a doucebag too @ant. And he said he wants me banned well the person who should be is wf3458.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    If you really think about it, the WWE is actually doing well with building up for tag teams. in FCW you have the Kings of Wrestling. On the main roster you have The Usos, O’Neil/Young, Gabriel/Kidd, Truth/Kingston, and possibly bringing in MCMG will help out a lot to the tag division.

  • CC

    @wf3458 … shut up you idiot. Your post is not only ridiculous as you dont know shit, but you cant even spell.

  • CC

    @Sym .. how is a wrestling news site putting up a news story “Internet wrestling fans” making shit up.
    Last time I looked, this was a news site reporting that friends of his had mentioned it, and the fans were trying to find out if its true.
    If you are gonna level accusations at anyone, level them at the people writing the news, not those reading it.
    And anyway, you post on here regularly, thus you are an internet wrestling fan as well.

  • d

    Its not assumed they would team together where ever they end up it’s the fact that shelly and sabin work so well together

  • Shawn

    I hate to break it to you, wf3458, but Shelley is basically already in WWE. Depending on how WWE uses him, Chris Sabin plans to jump ship as well. I’m hearing that Triple H really wants to rebuild the tag division. He’d like to have the Kings of Wrestling (under a new name) and the MCMGs (again, under a new name) part of this division. WWE needs to bring back both the tag titles and the cruiserweight title with the impending 3rd hour of Raw. Not only that, but they really want to showcase the new NXT. With so much WWE programming scheduled, they need talent! I think you’d agree that both Shelley and Sabin are talented, right???

  • ant

    @superman just ignore the douchebag he thinks hes psychic or something

  • Superman

    ^^ wow this guy sounds like an a$$hole who believes he knows the inside workings of anothers mind

  • wf3458

    To the WWE marks out here, I repeat to any WWE marks out the. The MCMG are never going to the WWE. Either there going to resign or there going to ROH. They know there going to get buried in WWE.

    So get over it WWE marks.

  • Shawn

    Hey, maybe Velvet can come with Sabin and Shelley to WWE. She’s gorgeous and can wrestle. Oh… wait… that’s only half of what WWE looks for in a Diva. Can you guess which half I’m referring to?

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I would love to see the Motor City Machine Guns in the WWE!

  • SYM

    Oh My God will the Internet Wrestling Fans ever stop with the Bull Shit. Since Shelley left u guys think “Oh Sabins leaving to and He’ll team with Shelley wherever he goes” Cut the BULL SHIT! Sabin isnt Shelley’s property. He has his own life and His own career. Get over the Fact u wont see MCMG in TNA. And stop making False alligations.