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Christian & HBK Comment On Edge’s Induction, Clay Using Ex-WWE Star’s Theme

— Christian and Shawn Michaels went on Twitter to congratulate Edge for his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, which will take place the night before WrestleMania XXVIII.

“A gigantic, enormous congratulations to Edge on his Hall of Fame induction. Unbelievably well deserved & I could not be happier for him!!!” wrote Michaels, a fellow WWE Hall of Famer.

Christian added, “Edge… Hall Of Fame… No one deserves it more #YouThinkYouKnowMe.”

— The theme song Brodus Clay danced to for his Raw SuperShow debut was previously used by former WWE star Ernest “The Cat” Miller, who also portrayed an animated character. Miller’s run was short-lived as he was released three months after his November 2003 debut.

— This week’s WWE Classics of Demands updates are as follows: Legends of Wrestling: Renegades and Outlaws, ECW (January 6, 1998), WWF Prime Time Wrestling (July 3, 1989), World Class Championship Wrestling (February 11, 1984).

  • venom

    Edge deserves the HOF, but I think this was too soon. Savage deserved to be in before him. Clay’s debut was so funny.

  • drew

    i always thought edge was overrated….

  • Matt

    well considering they stole his “hall of pain’ gimmick idea when he came up with it and gave it to Mark Henry, if I was Clay I’d be pretty pissed…

  • rabid

    if flash funk and the godfather had a baby it would be brodus clay .lol

  • Lin

    I was laughing my ass off the entire match. So, mission accomplished WWE. We will all remember Brodus Clay’s debut!

  • Sammo

    I’m on the same page as JIR… It may have initially seemed horrendous at first, but at least it’s got people talking! Maybe Brodus can make the gimmick work. I’m willing to give him time.

  • FmR

    All I could think was… Akeem the African Dream…. but updated. lol

  • JIR

    did they hey no one saw it coming and if he would have come out as a monster none of us would be talking about him

  • sensation1011

    Edge sucks and is a loser! He should be inducted into the hall of shame!And HBK is another loser who made his carrier by being Vince mcmahon little girlfriend and bending over so what does he know!

  • bonerjams

    Somebody call my momma.
    They really fucked up his re-debut.

  • Man Mountain Rock

    LOL! Yeah, caught a few seconds of Clay’s debut, and recognized Cat’s theme right away, and thought, is this some sort of joke? He was like a cross between the Cat and Flash Funk, and basically looked like an idiot overall.