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Christian Suffers Leg Injury At House Show In Brussels, Belgium

Christian reportedly suffered a leg injury at Wednesday’s SmackDown live event in Brussels, Belgium.

Christian hit the mat early in his bout against Sheamus holding either his knee or ankle. After consulting with the referee, he stood up on one leg to receive the Brogue Kick and was subsequently pinned. He was then assisted to the backstage area by personnel.

Following the brief match, Sheamus talked to fans at ringside, signed autographs and posed for pictures.


  • Mabry

    @ Whatever Really???….. in this website??…. well if that is the case, and those same guys wanna see Christian as a champ bow that hes injured, than they are idiots. I at least have allways been a fan of him, more than Edge. i really wish he could get a good run as a world champion….

  • Whatever

    Mabry, people said that he was boring…

  • Fizzy

    If he has to take time off, this may just end up being a blessing in disguise .. Christian can make a nice return, maybe re invent himself a little towards how he was like during the 2004-5 period (highly unlikely) .. and come back and storm into the main event

  • venom

    I hope this is not a serious injury. He was hurt last year too. This injury wasn’t Sheamus’s fault.

  • Mabry

    who the hell complained about Chrisitan been the Champion???…. everyone was complaining but about the shitty run he got, not about the fact of him been champion.

  • Whatever

    lol, so now everybody wants christian as champ again?
    but when he was the champ everybody complained…

  • Zach D

    Everyone complains about Christian and then he gets hurt and we hear “I miss u CC, Get well soon, CC is the man, what a bunch of idiots.

  • frankster

    Christian is the man get well champ

  • Mabry

    As much as i like Sheamus geting a good push,i really want Christian to be shown in a better way. I know hes heel character has allways been like that at least in wwe, but he needs a big push and a decent title run….

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Plus I agree, give Christian a legit title run

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Hope its not serious. #1 PEEP!

  • JIR

    Hope its no big deal and can continue without a major time away

  • Effmenow

    Well that sucks. Hopefully when he gets back he can have a legit World Title Run.