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Christian Talks About Edge’s Career Ending Injury and Future Plans has a new article featuring quotes from Christian. Below is an excerpt.

Edge’s career ending injury:

“Yeah, I was the first person he called after he got the news (about the injury). It was one of those things where I had to listen and be there for him,” Christian recalls. “I could tell he was upset about it once it sunk in. I told him that if was writing the end to his story, this was the perfect way to finish it off, just winning the WrestleMania (XXVII) world championship, the biggest show of the year. You can’t write a better ending than that.”

How long he plans to work:

“Having a long career with real lasting power has always been a goal,” he says. “So as long as I’m physically able to do what I do, I’ll keep doing it.”

  • SYM

    Brave the Hitman Hart WE COMIN FOR YOU NIGA!

  • Jabeagles

    First of all. Edge isn’t overrated at the time he wrestled there was also Batista , cena , punk , ADR , and mysterio . Smackdowns CURRENT storylines suck but when he was there it’s was intertaining and not repetitive . He’s not a big dude so don’t expect a rhino spear from an average sized man . What’s with the use of BRAVE hit man . It’s BRETT . Christian has a long way to go till he reaches edge status . When I think of Christian . Subconciously u think wow I wish it would be Christian injured rather than edge . If cena was traded then there would no longer be a difference in power . Btw brand extension is the best thing since the Monday night wars .but to get back to the point . Christian should go to Tna and become another sting

  • JohnCena33

    No I could write a better ending than that. WM30, Edge vs Christian, EPIC match, Edge wins, he walks away.

  • poko

    Edge is overrated! His spear was weak, he was champ on smackdown, because they lacked worthy talent to have the belt. He was only good in E&C because Christian generaled him in soo many matches, even made edge funny through skits.
    Brave the Hitman Hart is leagues better than edge.

  • misfit del rio

    Who the hell is Brave “the hitman” Hart? And Edge is not overrated, by any strech of the imagination.

  • yofits

    I don’t. Edge is overrated and is canadian.

    Christian is better. Brave the Hitman Hart is better.

  • Maxwell

    Man I miss edge!