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Christian’s Return & Edge’s Induction, Clips from Rock’s DVD, Nash/Waltman Party

– WWE’s YouTube page has released several clips from “The Epic Journey of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson,” which comes out on Tuesday. Here is a clip of Vince McMahon discussing The Rock’s heel turn:

– Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman will be hosting a beach party during WrestleMania 28 weekend in Miami. The party is sponsored by The Pro Wrestling Report show and will feature Nash, Waltman, Kip James, Hurricane Helms, The Headbangers and Robbie E. The party takes place on March 30th from 7pm until close at Ocean’s Ten on Ocean Drive in South Beach Miami. $99 VIP tickets and $15 online advance tickets are available at

– WWE officials have been working on ideas for Christian’s return and how he will be involved with Edge’s 2012 WWE Hall of Fame induction.

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  • the great gali

    have christian do what edge did against kofi few years back

  • Buttercastle

    @Jon but when Waltman is involved it’s so easy to jump to conclusions.

  • Jon

    Those of you who don’t actually know the Pro Wrestling Report don’t realise everything people are getting out of the $99 VIP package. I watch the PWR every week, and they’re seeling these tickets that come with a whole mess load of autographed merchandise, meet and greets with Waltman and Nash, free food and beverages, among other stuff. Also, they sell VIP packages to Mania every year that sell out in a heartbeat. So their deals are obviously good. Don’t jump to any conclusions before knowing the facts.

  • Stashathan

    Still dont know why ppl dislike santino in the chamber

    -Cue the smart ass remarks-

  • Bawb

    $99 VIP tickets? What, did they think they’d be scamming people by going triple-digits? As if they weren’t doing it already.

  • Nick is Awsome says:

    Ahhh the good ol days of wrestling nation of domination and the rock …. Robbie Wow what a headliner to be at the nash/waltman rape/STD party there only missing Chyna giving reach arounds in the bathroom. Nash is 1 an asshole and 2 a washed up dick. As for Waltmen you go within 15 feet of him and you can catch herpes and many forms of hepititas. Shane helms could score you allot of drugs so that is a plus and kip james is always going to be holding on to his dx days thinking he is a big name so he isnt worth talking to its sad that Robie E is the only one with a job. 99 bucks insnt worth scoring sum drugs and herpes and listening to nash rehash is wcw power days sounds like a waste of time

  • Jimbo

    Whatever, I’m sure they’ll just screw up Christian’s return anyway and have him job to Randy Orton another 25 times.

  • Generic Troll

    He should be in the World Heavyweight Match in a triple threat or fatal four way

  • Dan

    Forget taking Santino’s spot, I’d much rather him take Khali’s spot.

  • Sean Mooney

    I would like to see Christian return at the Elimination Chamber taking Santino’s spot, and I would like it if he won MITB at Wrestlemania as well.

  • d

    here’s 3 ideas
    1.have him replace santino in the chamber match tomorrow
    2. put him in the money in the bank ladder match ( as edge and christian are famous for ladder matches and have christian win it with edge causing a distraction )
    3. turn him face or have edge play up the heel role ( doubtful as they are honoring him but that’s when edge was at his best )