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Christopher Daniels Explains How TNA Can Compete with WWE

Christopher Daniels talked about how TNA could complete with WWE during an interview with Red Eye Chicago. Here is what he said.

“Well I think a lot of it has to do with just awareness of the brand,” Daniels said. “So many people, especially lapsed wrestling fans from the boom back in the late 90’s – early 2000’s, a lot of wrestling fans sort of went away. And they aren’t really aware that there is another brand now, now that WCW closed and ECW closed. A lot of people went away right after that, and they’re not really aware that there’s another brand out, other than the WWE, just sort of enjoy professional wrestling.

“And the truth of the matter is sometimes it’s hard to be different from the WWE when you’re trying to gain those same viewers. Sometimes there’s a tendency to sort of follow in the footsteps of the WWE. And so it’s sort of a fine line where you want to be recognizable as professional wrestling but you also want to set yourself apart from what some people consider the standard of professional wrestling, which is the WWE.

“So I think the challenge for us as individuals is try to stand out. Try to get people talking. Try to get that word of mouth out about our product. Not just ourselves but the entire roster as a whole. Trying to get people talking about the differences in our talent. The differences in terms of the stories we’re telling in the ring. Trying to get some buzz about the things that we’re doing.”

  • poko

    TNA’s growth cap will always be about exposure. I know they have a good relationship with Spike, but it’s still a network that the average person might seldom come across. I don’t even have Spike on my satellite package. From that standpoint, they’re at a serious disadvantage to the WWE, where USA reaches a ton of households.


    I agree plus tna has a talent roster that works hard

  • Johhny

    Daniels kinda has a point that after wcw and wcw died alot of fans kinda drifted off,I myself did and kinds came back into after a while but i still do not get into like i did when wcw was on,But lets face it if you do not know TNA is here now after what 11 years or so it has been around?Then you just simply do not want to.Alot of people look down on TNA but it really is not that bad it gives an alternative to watching raw and smackdown,Hell i remember watching ecw late nights on pass sports here in michigan, and USWA used to come on i think like saturday or sunday mornings,Back then there was alot of alternatives to watch,I also find it funny when fans that hate TNA hate on wrestlers like flair,foley,gun,road dogg,booker..ect but the minute they go back to the wwe they kiss there azzez like they are the best thing since sliced bread


    Tnas storylines are actually a lot better nowadays I mean the aces eights storyline is kind of weak but overall im glad bully ray is the new tna world champion and the x division is doin alot better too im liking what theyre doing with kenny king and even having roode and aries as tag team champions

  • That did stand out with the X Division now they focus on Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and other former WWE stars. Dont get me wrong i think the ex wwe wrestlers are still great but since Hogan came in thats all he has cared about.. Its like Vince said “Hogan, I have a job for you and i’ll pay you millions, go to TNA and ruin their X-Division and just do repeat and nonsense storylines” I like TNA and i want them to compete because im a HUGE wrestling fan but at the moment i cant even bare to watch.. its just that every storyline ends up all over the place just like BIg Show turning heel and face in WWE lol, they just dont know what to do yet

  • Sean Kaboni

    …that, and a chuck norris beard!!