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Chyna Found Passed Out In Pool Night Before Collapsing At Adult Convention

Chyna, who collapsed at an adult convention Friday in Miami, Florida, was kicked out of a hotel party the night before for causing a scene and passing out in the pool.

The incident occurred at the Catalina Hotel in Miami as she appeared at the kick-off party for the convention. The former WWE Women’s Champion angered multiple party-goers with her “crazy antics,” especially when she jumped in the pool nude with a friend.

She was found passed out in the water and subsequently ejected from the party. She was then assisted back to her room.


  • prince albert

    I love this, i hope she keeps getting fucked up and doing crazy shit! epic chyna

  • King


    yeah because it was nothing that good ol junkie joanie didnt do right? this isnt Triple H & stephanie’s fault nor is it WWE’s fault…joanie did this NOT THEM…i guess WWE,HHH,Stephanie made her continue to do drugs,continue to drink & i guess they made her wanna suck cock for a paycheck right? like give me a fucking break….Joanie did this to joanie…i have NO SYMPATHY!!! for this junkie who did this to herself…now bash away

  • King

    omfg bitch plz just go FUCKING KILL YOURSELF ALREADY!!! like shit….if u hate life this much then end it already…if not then GROW UP!!! ALREADY Junkie…stop living in 2001….MOVE ON!!!…im sure this will be WWE’s Fault too like always huh junkie oops i mean joanie….now with that all said i dont wish anybody dead but common enough is enough now….if your this down on life then fucking end it already…apparently nobody can help this nutjob…

  • Steve

    I would hit it.

  • Chris

    HHH and the McMahons really fucked her up back in 2001. Since then Chyna has been fucking herself up and it is sad

  • Mark

    what has she done to herself???

  • poko

    I wonder why the WWE doesn’t want her back?

  • SYM


  • bb

    i knew it, she drinker or drugs that why wwe wont hire her… sadly.

  • Damien Phoenix

    ….Na too easy

  • Chris

    God I love Chyna

  • Effmenow

    Chyna’s dickk is bigger than yours.

  • yofits

    EVERYONE, go download (legally, of cours) The Avengers: XXX Porn parody and see Chyna’s sex scenes, you’ll LOL and puke at the same time!

    Her doing it with Hulk and Nick Fury in a threesome will leave you scarred for lyfe.

  • Bawb

    Well, so many things running through my mind right now. Let’s see, here are three:

    1. Not surprised.
    2. Drugs are BAAAAD.
    3. Crazy antics at an Adult Convention? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?


    Oh boy, twitter mania here we come


    All those years on roids and hormones she’s lost her mind