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Chyna Wonders Why WWE Won’t Bring Her Back, Says She Wants To Face Vince


Chyna posted a video online Friday answering questions concerning WWE. She continued her campaign to return to the sports entertainment league and pondered why Vince McMahon won’t take her back, unlike other wrestlers.

“All this time I thought that they understood what was happening. I know they thought I quit. There was a contract up I wasn’t happy with. The truth is, they let me go and I never heard from WWE since,” she says of the circumstances behind her departure from WWE in 2001.

“I recently reached out to Vince McMahon. Well, not recently, many times, but more recent, before Vivid offered me a deal. I wanted to see, “Can I get one more hurrah for my fans? Can I go back? Why have you accepted all these other people back: Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Ric Flair. All these people. Why not me? What did I do that was so bad to you that you can’t do business and have me back?”

When asked to give her thoughts on today’s Divas, such as Beth Phoenix, Eve and Natalya, Chyna says she’s paved the way for all of them.

“I do believe that I’ve paved the way for all women in the WWE Universe and I just have to say, if I do come back, they better look out,” she says.

In regards to who she would like face if she returns to WWE, Chyna said she would like to wrestle “the biggest Diva in WWE,” Vince McMahon.

She adds, “I’d lay smackdown on his ass!”

  • jchapp

    All they have to do is make a ad highlighting Chyna’s “porn career” then link to Linda and it’s over

  • jchapp

    while Chyna was a decent wrestler for the attitude ear, there is no way WWE will ever bring her back. Especially with Vince’s wife, Linda, making another run for the US Senate. If there was even a whiff that WWE was remotely considering bringing her back for a final run…that’s more than enough for Democrats along with fellow Republicans to end her political career. There is no fucking way she will ever see a WWE ring again except for watching it on TV

  • mattnichollsFEAR

    Wow! I love Chyna as a wrestler, I thought her character was a new, fresh, interesting idea. But is she really Comparing hersels to Hogan, Hart and Flair? True legends that ‘paved the way’ for generations. If anyone paved the way for the woman, it was Moolah, sherry Montel, Sunny and Trish, but that’s my opinion. I do think WWE ruined the Chyna gimmick by having her beat the hell out of guys one week, then be put in crap matchs with divas the next. I think there’s three obsticals that stop her return: 1. She was dropped by WWE, now I’ve been fired, but I never expected to walk into work 10 years later lik nothing happened. 2. HHH and Stephanie (two of the big wigs in WWE)probably don’t want her back. And 3. She was in two pornos, if she returned, kids would google her and find porn vids, Vince knows this and wouldn’t want to be associated with her, besides, he fired some chick that posed on a fetish site, why would he re-hire a chick that a guy spent one night in AND one went in the backdoor? She should give up, settle down and move on

  • Buttercastle

    Is it just me or is she kinda…………. Michael Jacksony in that video?

  • JayHawk

    Why would they bring you back I have to say WWE gave Chyna a good run back in the day. They put her at the top of the divas division and got her in playboy. But really WWE is PG now for better or worse and how could they explain bring you back and then you say oh got to go time for my money shot in my next movie. Chyna just give it up you are done it is over do your low budget porn movies and move on.

  • venom

    Plus Chyna is into drugs. Last time I checked she was doing escorts.

  • Soulshroude

    I thought the answer was obvious as to why WWE won’t hire her back… She is a friggin porn whore and drama queen. Hell, she said she was already approved for a new porn script. I don’t think Vince has a place for a porn whore on his roster. Regardless as to what Chyna fields for her excuses, or how she thinks she paved the road for future “divas”.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Jeff, get off your high horse. Their is no reason to respect someone in the porn industry when they can’t even respect themselves… Taking a guys load for money won’t net her any nice, positive comments.

  • WWFzine

    china could beat natayla for sure but not beth phoenix.

    i watched women’s wrestling only coz of lita mainly and trish a far second.

    chyna was just a thorn on hHH’s side.

    as for her whining to come back, she is a lil sh*t stirrer.

    as for her porn days, u won’t see her during AVN awards anytime soon pardner

  • Devil_Rising


    1. You’re ugly.
    2. You’re psycho.
    3. You’re a dude.
    4. You’re an annoying personality.
    5. You were and likely still are a terrible wrestler.
    6. No one wants to see you in the ring, let alone on TV.
    7. People were morons for ever cheering you in the first place.
    8. WWE were morons for ever hiring you in the first place.
    9. HHH is one disgusting son of a bitch for ever dating you.
    10. Shut up.

    That enough reasons?

  • RPM

    starting a video talking about porn then pleading to wwe isn’t going to get her anywhere.

    whats worse is her voice is the worst i’ve ever heard and there is some ugly sounding women in wrestling.

  • Dave

    She would be a good fit for TNA. But she had her chance and decided she wanted to go into porn. And if you’re too much like damaged goods for TNA. You’ve got no chance of a WWE return. Let’s be honest. TNA aren’t too picky about peoples backgrounds.

  • Straight-edge

    idk about paved the way. but she was good. i honestly wouldnt mind seeing her back. wwe needs more divas. i mean tna is killing them when it comes to diva wrestling. tna got knockouts that knows wrestling moves. not just pretty faces

  • kane

    id love to bang chyna shes got some nice boobs and some hair on her puss in that preview of her new porn to bad its vivid tho as they kinda dont she it actully going in and out lol

  • frankster

    Yeah good luck going back to WWE.. although I think aged still get a good reaction if she did return

  • Joe

    It’s a wrestling site dumping on a woman that has entered porn since leaving a sports entertainment company. free speech bro

  • Jeff

    Lesson of life for all of you:

    Grow up and learn to respect other people even you don’t like them.

  • King

    paved the way for Natayla & Beth Phoenix???(even tho she said all of them) LMFAO HAHAHHAHAHA LOL Oh please… my ass give me a fuckin break u transvestite bitch…natalya & Beth Phoenix could & would wrestle Circles around that Bitch oops i mean Butch…do us all a favor just go away go choke on a cock u stupid cunt

  • Valo487

    If she really can’t understand the difference between Vince putting personal feelings aside for business with someone like Hogan, and not wanting to hire someone who has static with his daughter and son in law, on top of her porn career, she really is deluded.

  • Vince welcomed back Hogan, Flair and Bret Hart because THEY MEAN SOMETHING TO THE BUSINESS! No matter what Chyna thinks – she did not pave the way for today’s Divas, and the only reason she did anything while she was in the business is because she was built like a man, and was f***ing HHH. I’m appalled that she basically likened herself to Hogan(who needs to hang it up too), Flair and especially Bret Hart. Legends compared to a one trick, two dollar whore.

  • Ironcross

    She is broke, vivid only paid her $1,500 because thats all she is worth

  • Ironcross

    i hope vince keeps igoring her. if she turns up on my tv i’ll just fast forward her, so eat shit chyna!

  • CC

    By my reckoning it took a lot longer for Vince to accept any of those guys back than it has been since she was dumped by WWE.
    On top of everything, from what I understand, each of those guys left WWE where as WWE dumped her. Doesnt that tell her that they have more value to WWE than her?
    On top of that, those three names, love or hate them, are huge draws, Chyna wasnt and never will be.

    Her sudden constant comments about wanting to rejoin WWE seem to be the signs that she is once again going nuts.

  • Chyna’sVagyna


    quit giving the 2 cent sl** face time when she is gonna get enough from her film that i’m gonna watch simply to see a guy degrade her