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Chyna Writes Letter To Vince McMahon Regarding WWE Return


Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Chyna appeared on The Howard Stern Show Monday to promote her first professional pornographic film, Backdoor To Chyna. She notably states during the interview that she recently wrote a letter to Vince McMahon regarding a possible return to WWE, which she last appeared for in 2001.

Chyna says, “It’s been a decade, right? (The fans are) like “Chyna we miss you, we love you,” it’s an incredible, this fan respect that I have, you know? So, they’re like “when are you going back?” and I was like “you know, that’s a good question.”

Stern chimes, “You wrote Vince and you said, “Vince, I want to come back to the WWE.” Chyna responds, “I didn’t say that.”

She explains, “I wrote him a legal letter, it was very professional instead of like the trainwreck, all over, like crazy. Had my stuff together and I wrote him a certified letter by lawyer and said, “Hey, are you ready to put everything aside personally, and would you like to do business with me?”

WWE responded, “We’re not interested at this time.”

  • unknown..known

    Her movie is pretty good though.

  • venom

    Chyna dug her own grave on this. Now she comes crawling back for a job.

  • Nicholas

    I think WWE will do it for only one reason making money and that is it. Yes Chyna been bad monthing WWE to the moon but lets face it Chyna is not the first to were a wrestler get to a point that they come back to Vince an say hey I want a second chance. An lets face it for all the bad rep Vince get on the internet or from all his haters he really don’t hold that much of a grage. But then again it about making money an it would be good on that sense. Don’t be suprise if there a few more wrestler from the past making a return at the Royal Rumble just like last year.

  • numero uno

    her next porno will be a scene of her doing the bronco buster and taking a dump on a guys chest!!!!!!LOL

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    They can bring her back with Val Venus.

  • Boondock Saints

    TNA didn’t want her anymore because of the hardcore porno she made, so why did she think the WWE would? She made her bed, so now she has to lie in it, and get double penetrated apparently.

  • mark

    she doesnt fit the pg product. maybe when this pg shit ends , they can bring her back. However considering the wwe have lost a lot of divas, they need all the help they can get

  • bob

    Lol she’s kidding herself. Road dogg is back in WWE peep this. I’d pay to see a full DX reuinon without Chyna.. dogg gunn xpac hhh hbk 🙂

  • Cm Punk 86`

    just when you think shes ok she starts laughing like a fat kid seeing his first boob lol. good call WWE
    Wish Nash Was On That List Click.that sweet tv being switched off.


  • Matt

    peep this you are a fucking sexist

  • ironcross

    Vince taught kelly kelly to strip, maybe he taught chyna how to fet fucked

  • Peep this

    Ha she got the back door all right? I can’t really believe that tgey, the wwe even responded to her so called letter. Really? What’s next a xpoc Jessie James road dog reunion with the self proclaimed 9th Wonder of the world. Bitch please stick to your porn? Good thing no body likes you cause you ain’t on my porn channels.

  • Second City Saint


  • D2K

    Whenever it suits THEM you’ll see Chyna make a WWE return. I for one wouldn’t rule it out in the future.

  • Richard Weed

    Then Chyna rolls in to tell HHH that she BLAH BLAH BLAH…..just about as bad as Mick Foley.

    Ring Of Honor can’t go national soon enough.

    The name of the sport is wrestling. if you want soap drama….tune into USA, 9PM Mondays.

    Wrestling….those were the days…and they are on their way.

  • charles spears

    I don’t think it was Vince that said no, I think it was Steph who said that. Eventhough the WWE doesn’t need her, I would like to see her in a match with Kharma.

  • KitKrock

    Chyna ……………….. lol

  • Callum

    ha does she really think that she is coming back after that porno

    when tna doesn’t want u you know your shit

  • deva

    chyna is doing hardcore porn and wwe is rated PG, they had the muppets on last week for petes sake , so of course chyna believes that porn stars on their show would be good

  • yo

    WWE doesn’t want China.