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0 Chynas Latest Message To Vince McMahon   Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

Continuing her campaign to return to WWE, Chyna has directed a video message to Vince McMahon.

Simulating her Fleshbot Mainstream to Porn Crossover Award as a microphone, Chyna says to the camera, “To Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Vinny Mac. Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

The former WWE Intercontinental and Women’s Champion clarified her intentions Sunday on Twitter as she said would be happy if she could at least say goodbye to the WWE Universe.

Chyna wrote, “I would like to thank all of the WWE for your kind words of encouragement. Now WWE, wake up and bring me back for ONE MORE MATCH!”

In response to a remark that she really wants to come back for more than one match, she wrote, “That’s true. But if only one more time to say goodbye to the WWE Universe, I could be happy with that.”

  • Jakesta58

    I bet you that is her vibrator…wait not big enough, nevermind

  • venom

    Somebody is broke.

  • stockshark

    Chyna and Vince should be besties they both like getting things shoved up there butts!

  • joe

    this is unrelated to the article, but @bspunk ufc does not suck, at least the fights are real and unscripted there and plus they have real blood and black eyes etc… when someone is injured, but i also love wwe too, dont get me wrong anyone

  • Dave


    Inciting someone to commit suicide is a crime, even if its on the internet. Want me to report you?

  • ironcross

    hope she kills herself

  • ironcross

    Fatt Hardy version 2

  • ironcross

    Loney Joanie hahaha

  • Hogan

    you all talk shit but you know dam well that if chyna came back you would all love her…she did pave the way for the trish’s and other divas that came after her in her time but the true diva that paved the way for them all was miss Elizabeth

  • mark

    she really is begging now.

  • adam

    In saw in a privious article someone braught up this was like matt hardy. The main difference is if matt came back it woul still be kinda a big deal because he can improve the mid card and help teach younger wrestlers because he was a good wrestler before this hole melt down. Chyna even at her best wasn’t that good she just looked better cause her strength.. even if she came back it would not improve the diva division at all. So chyna stay away if u wanna be paid attention to try to go back to porn but I doubt they want her in that even.

  • Soulshroude

    So wait, the porn whore wants a match just to say “goodbye”? How heart warming that is… NOT! She just wants a check to buy what ever it is she needs. She just wants the adverts based on her “glory” days, what ever “glory” days those were. She is a waste of space.

  • JIR

    Chyna needs to stop its just sad at this point

  • CM Mark

    It’s hard to take anyone seriously when they are talking into the head of a d*ck.

  • ironcross

    Kurt angle is drunk again

  • Steve O

    They should give her what she wants, remember she was the first female to enter the royal rumble and she was the first female intercontinental champion they should at least let her have some closure.

  • Talia

    Wow we’re witnessing somebody falling into the pits of insanity, and its really sad. She keeps claiming that its not personal, but she can’t leave Vince alone. While I’m not fan of Vince’s I gotta say if it isn’t personal, why can’t see get off the man’s ass? I mean if this isn’t personal, I’d love to know what she’d say if it was. She called Steph a whore (basically) and said Vince is a Diva so why would they bring her back and pay her? So I guess Vivid made nothing off her DVD, and she needs to pay them back for it being such a disaster but she doesn’t have any money, so she needs to get it some how and this is the only way she can think of. Man, when even the porn industry doesn’t want you, is there any further depths to fall in to?

  • adam

    Vince isnt going to allow chyna back. Espically if she is using a porn award as a mic come on. Plus not many people who watch now will really remember who she is or why she wants to say good bye. I mean its not like she is trish or lita who were huge to the diva division. Ya she was apart of it but she isnt a pioner like she thinks.


    UFC SUCKS @asssssssassssino

  • Sin Cara Negro

    Yes, this IS very Matt Hardy-ish. Do these has-beens really think this approach will work? Does Chyna really believe WWE can make money from her? Okay, maybe she could have one decent match with Beth Phoneix, or maybe even Kharma, but what’s with the sense of entitlement? Like someone else said above, use the internet to say goodbye to the fans like you are currently doing…

  • kurt angles’s gold medal

    chynas new porn was amazing shes so fckin hot

  • kurt angle

    jimbo chyna rules vince should let her come back for one more match to say good bye

  • jimbo jones

    great way for WWE to take you seriously….talking into a silver penis!This chick has lost it if she thinks WWE is ever going to rehire her. Even if they did, the kids…WWE’s target audience would be like “who is this dude, and why does he have boobs?”

  • kurt angle

    chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna chyna come back to the wwe

  • http://www.klqwrestling.com Kaliqo

    OMG Chyna please stop. This is sad and embarressing.

  • Bill

    Vince downright doesn’t give a shit what Chyna says. Does she really think Vince is browsing YT & checks for hate videos?

  • Assassino

    ATTENTION! UFC on Fox got a 4.6 rating! The rise of the UFC is coming!!!!!

  • TheTruth

    This seems a lil Matt Hardy-ish with the constant bugging of the twitter and videos trying to get attention.

  • PinkSinCara

    She just wants a Wrestlemanaia payday. Not gonna happen.

  • Jon

    Give it up chyna your never going to come back to the WWE. So go back to being a nobody.

  • Batesy Boy

    zzzz, boring me now Chyna boy

  • Dramon

    This is just getting sad now.

  • C – Sation

    i cant stand hearing her speech impediment

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