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Claire Lynch Attempts To Conceal Her Identity After It Is Exposed Online

The woman portraying Claire Lynch—purportedly pregnant with AJ Styles’ child—on Impact Wrestling is Julia Reilly, an Orlando-based actress and model. After her identity was exposed last week by Live Audio Wrestling and across wrestling message boards, Reilly made a concerted effort to erase her Internet presence.

Her official website,, had featured her lengthy resume of television commercial appearances, as well as photos and videos, but all content was removed following the outing. She also has a YouTube channel featuring her demo videos, such as herself selling RoboMops on the Home Shopping Network, hosting various cooking shows and appearing in a Subway commercial, but all have been made private. Her page on LinkedIn was also deleted.

Reilly’s description of herself on her official website had stated, “Julia’s true talent lies in her warm approachable personality and her ability to deliver technical jargon in a conversational manner.

“In a live enviroment, Julia is excellent at gathering a crowd and able to connect with customers to successfully deliver your company’s message.

“On camera, Julia is friendly, personable and believable.”

  • TomC

    Not to mention the “sidekick” joke they’ve made out of Kazarian – what a pity/waste

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    The sooner the feud ends, the better. And that’s not a knock against AJ or Daniels, and I’m a fan of both. Especially Daniels. And Daniels has been the ONLY entertaining aspect of the whole stupid storyline. Because “Claire”/Julia is the worst goddamn actress I’ve ever seen. And model?! Really? What does she model, horse-shoes? ‘Cause she’s very unattractive.

    I honestly believed she was Dixie’s daughter or niece, considering she sucks at acting too. But she’s a legit actress/model? That’s a joke if I ever heard one. End this crap feud because AJ and Daniels deserve better.

  • TomC

    Whoever doesn’t see EXACTLY where the storyline is going here is pretty naive . . .

    The photos showed AJ passed out with “Claire” posing with him. DUH, it’s going to turn out he was likely “drugged” – likely by Daniels and “Claire” – and then the photos snapped. DUH !!!

  • shorty

    who really cares

  • lazlo woodbine

    It’s probably less about her protecting the storyline than it is about her protecting herself from moronic “fans” online.


    don’t no who the bitch is but no 1 thing sheis no no no actess .she couldn’t act her way out of a wet papper bag .she needs to stop over acting

  • Jim

    TNA were better off using a knockout current, past or even a new one for this storyline. Julie Reilly is a very bad actress.

  • Bill

    Maybe the storyline ends up where she is an actress hired by Daniels to screw AJ over & bury him for good, as an act of revenge for their feud in 2005.

  • Bawb

    Lol what’s the big deal here? All they have to do is write some twist in to explain this. They should have at least expected this to happen and the same goes for her, unless she didn’t admit to any of it when they checked with her.