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Claudio Castagnoli Talks About The Kings of Wrestling Possibly Coming to WWE

– Claudio Castagnoli recently did an interview with Arda Ocal of the Right After Wrestling show. Here are a few quotes regarding he and partner Chris Hero coming to WWE after their recent tryout match:

Thoughts on his possible move to WWE:
“I think I would prefer to go as a package with Chris Hero. But I would be comfortable working there on my own. We have a the unique ability to perform in a singles environment and in a tag environment. I think we definitely have very good chemistry and we have greater potential as a team.”

Would the Kings of Wrestling survive in the WWE?
“I think we could survive in the right circumstances. We have the tools to flourish in any wrestling company. We both have unique abilities to talk. Both Chris (Hero) and I are both really good singles wrestlers and tag wrestlers so I think we bring a lot to the table there. And the next step is to bring in actual teams (into the WWE) and not just two singles-wrestlers coming together. That’s what’s missing – actual teams that look alike and seem to have been a team for a long time.”

  • venom

    If WWE brought this tag team in, they would make them tag for a year and lose to everybody. Then they would split and job to everybody, then they both would get released. 🙂


    Back in the days when wrestling was WRESTLING, there were wrestlers labeled as TAG TEAM SPECIALISTS (Bobby Eaton, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Billy Gunn, AKA Mr. Ass and so on). They could tag team with just about ANYONE and become Tag Team Champions. Consequently, as singles wrestlers, they only got pushed for mid-card titles (World TV Title, IC Title, US Title….) But that was then. In today’s WWE the Tag Team division is practically irrelevant (and those belts are fuckin’ UGLY!!!).

  • adam tarasievich

    Please come KOW the wwe needs you. But they should be braught in as a team and reunite the hart dynasty and hawkins and ryder then have a real tag team division.

  • Matt

    They would have to go straight to the top. KOW on the midcard would just feel wrong and would be a waste, like hiring Gene Simmons to play the triangle or hiring Ryan Reynolds to be in a kindergarten play, or hiring Ben Affleck…at all.


  • Devil_Rising

    Ya gotta love WWE marks who think that (OBVIOUSLY) only the guys who get pushed by WWE and make it as big stars are worth a damn, (OBVIOUSLY) everyone else must therefor suck. lol

  • dan

    but there are 10’s of 1000’s of wrestlers who think they can but can’t

  • CC

    Since when is being able to wrestle as a single and a tag team wrestler, a unique ability?
    There are 1000’s of wrestlers who can do that.

  • really!

    brilliant, to bad you along with everyone else but the WWE see it that way