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CM Punk Accused Of Stealing Wrestling Moves, “The British Bulldog” Remembered

— KENTA of Pro Wrestling NOAH commented on CM Punk utilizing a number of his trademark wrestling maneuvers in WWE.

He told the Daily Star of Punk’s theivary, “Please list him on the wanted list as he stole my move.”

Punk was so enamored with the Japanese wrestling star years ago that he adopted a good portion of his moveset, including the GTS and a multiple slaps/roundhouse kick sequence.

— Today marks the ninth anniversary of the passing of former WWE star Davey Boy Smith, who succumbed to a heart attack while on vacation in Invermere, British Columbia. His ex-wife, Diana Hart Smith, posted a remembrance on her Twitter account.

“Nine years without Davey. Seems like he’s still here, especially when I see Harry and Georgia. I’m so glad for YouTube and DVD’s so the world can see how incredible he was,” she wrote.

“I miss Davey very much, more and more as time goes on. He is irreplaceable. So big, strong, athletic, handsome, talented in the ring and so funny too!”

  • crispycrew

    Let KENTA become a star in the states before he accuses a yank of stealing his moves.

  • erik

    r.i.p bulldog and macho man randy savage. two great wrestlers who were taken to soon. I remember randy savage wrestlemania8 wwf title match with ricflair in 1992 that was good match. it is sad about savage he just got married last summer and was doing really well for himself.

  • venom

    Bulldog had some great matches with Bret hart, and HBK. Too bad he never won the world title. RIP British Bulldog.

  • sean

    I find it hilarious considering how long punk has been in the wwe, and he’s used that move on raw, smackdown, ecw, and numerous ppv’s and now all of a sudden somebody out of nowhere is saying that punk stole this move, and trying to get wwe to notice him just laughable

  • U ain’t Awesome

    Bottom line is everybody uses moves that somebody else used 1st. U got a bunch of wrestlers usin powerbombs, chokeslams, submission holds. I could go on and on. I dont like punk but this is redicuous.

  • Diesel

    I cant believe its nearly a decade since the passing of Davey Boy, he was one of the all time greats & it was absolutely criminal that he didn’t get the main event push he deserved. I really hope that he gets inducted into the Hall Of Fame next year to mark the decade of his passing and the loss of a true great (although why he’s not been inducted yet is beyond me).

  • Marky Mark

    KENTA is awesome, and is just working the marks. He don’t really give a shit about CM PUNK using GTS in the states. Both wrestlers are fucking tight, and if you don’t know that, then suck it!

    Also, Punk use to do a wrist roll before his matches that was VERY similar to Wanderlei Silva’s in-rign pre-fight wrist roll. This was something he did RIGHT in then beginning of his WWE-ECW debut. Stopped it after a couple months. Again though kinda of a show of his Thai background, which Silva is known for.

  • CC

    @edo.risk. But thats my point. The Stunner is easily the most high profile of those moves, which is why I mentioned it, but nobody has ever accused Stone Cold of stealing their moves. Ditto for Page and Hardy.
    Its just all of a sudden these guys crying about it after this many years in the game is getting laughable.

  • Joe

    @sipeli: my bad.

    In this video, it looks pretty crazy in how stiff it looks. The one on who I think is Morshima looks like a knee to the throat, and hey, it’s Bryan.

  • Steve

    Are there any “unique” moves in wrestling today? Nope. Everything has been done. Hell… Big Show’s finishing move is just a PUNCH! Seriously.

  • Davey

    RIP Davey Boy, never be forgotten

  • edo.risk

    @CC. Actually the original move was called the Ace Crusher, by Johnny Ace (Real Life brother of Road Warrior Animal). After Ace, DDP itroduced the Dimond Cutter, and two vaiation appeared as SCSA Sttunner and the Hardys Twist of Fate, and then the RKO.

  • rko

    Everyone steals moves.

    The bulldog was great. Never forget his match with bret hart.
    Too bad his son is not seen in the same manner as he is un-traceable in the wwe.

  • Sipeli

    Nope KENTAs is right to the face. While both do it well, i prefer KENTAs cause it looks like he turns to knee them in the face rather than how Punk brings the face down to the knee.
    Ugh who am i kidding. its all the same.

  • Ryan

    im surprised CC that you didn’t say the RKO is like the diamond cutter cuz…it is the diamond cutter.

  • lazlo woodbine

    “Please list him on the wanted list” does sound like a joke though, I can’t be the only one thinking that, can I?

  • Treg

    lol @ all the people reading this that have no idea who kenta is.

  • Joe

    Correct me if I am wrong, but KENTA calls his version the Go 2 Sleep as well, so it’s not like Punk is taking the move and pretending he made it his own.

    Also, doesn’t KENTA drop the guy’s sternum on his knees?

  • Devil_Rising

    Punk is awesome. But people are “borrowing” moves in wrestling all the time. The only time that it is really an issue, is when someone in the same promotion does it.

  • CC

    I’m getting a bit sick of these wrestlers claiming this guy stole their moves or that guy stole their moves. Its wrestling, and there is no longer such a thing as an original move. Everything is a variation of something else. Look at the RKO, its just a variation of a stunner with more air. Booker T and The Rock both did the same move (the Rockbottom and the Bookend).
    How many wrestlers do senton splashes, moonsaults, legdrops etc etc etc etc?

    If a guy goes out there and does an exact same gimmick and does every single move of another wrestler, then there would be cause for complaint. But copying one or two moves is hardly a crime or new.

    Look at Shelton Benjamin for instance. He does the Stinger splash because he is a huge mark for Sting, and has said so. Sting was once asked what he felt about Shelton doing it, and he said it was cool to see young guys showing their influences (or something like that).

    Kenta is a legend, and Kurt is an all time great, but these guys need to understand that there was a business before them and there will be a business after them .. and no one person is bigger than the business.

  • The Killswitch

    Everyone uses everyone’s move. It’s a sign of respect, as Orton put it. Get over it, KENTA.

    Also, Owen “iPod” Hart??

  • KitKrock

    The British Bulldog had a great match with Owen ‘iPod’ Hart in the European championship tournament finals.

  • Bill

    I don’t know who KENTA is, but CM Punk isn’t doing something bad. Now, Kurt Angle doing the RKO because Orton does an Olympic Slam is kinda stealing. At least Punk isn’t at war with the guy over moves…

  • Thumper!

    RIP Davey Boy

    There’s still a few real wrestling fans left that will always keep your name relevant.

  • Sipeli

    Im a huge Punk mark. HUGE. However what KENTA is saying is true. Im sure he done it as a sign of respect whilst also knowing the move would get over on TV.
    Plus at the time it could be argued that KENTA was the worlds best when it came to a kickboxing strong style moveset. To my understanding WWE wanted to highlight Punks Muay Thai background, so why not borrow from the best?

  • CM Mark

    If CM Punk is stealing moves then the rest of the WWE should take notice and do that as well. Considering how lame and boring most of the rest of the roster is. That’s like trying to say that everyone who used the word “love” in a song stole it from the last person that used that word in a song. Total BS, if you ask me.


    R.I.P. Bulldog, one of the greats that was lost too soon.

  • Stephen

    RiP british bulldog davey boy smith you are missed you were always one of my favorites growing up