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CM Punk Appears In First Match Since Heel Turn, Chris Jericho Teams With Christian

In his first match since flooring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with a clothesline and subsequent Go to Sleep on Raw 1,000, CM Punk appeared a babyface at Saturday’s SmackDown live event at Freedom Hall Civic Center in Johnson City, Tennessee. He retained the WWE Championship in a Triple Threat Match against Daniel Bryan and Kane. Attendees largely ignored his apparent heel turn on Monday as he was loudly cheered throughout the match.

Chris Jericho rekindled his partnership with Christian as the duo took on Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler donned a Jericho “WANNA-BEE” T-Shirt, which Jericho ripped off during the contest. The match concluded with Jericho striking Rhodes with the Codebreaker.

Drew McIntyre appeared as a babyface on the show as he rushed the ring to aid Ted DiBiase from an attack courtesy of Camacho and Hunico—after DiBiase defeated Hunico due to interference from Camacho. The third generation wrestler then proposed they have a tag team match, which all agreed to. The match concluded with DiBiase escaping Hunico’s sleeper attempt and hitting him with Dream Street.

Other match results were Kaitlyn over Natalya, Jinder Mahal over Percy Watson, Justin Gabriel over developmental wrestler Leo Kruger and World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus over Alberto Del Rio in a Last Man Standing Match.

(source: Pro Wrestling Torch)

  • simon07

    Lets not forget CM Punk cowering in the corner not once but twice in the match, thats hardly a face thing to do.

  • Marcum

    Everybody cheered because nothing was ever said about the cm punk heel turn. He was majorly over with the crowd and the made a kind of unclear heel turn that we have to tune in tonit to find out.

  • sam


    i totally agree with you its almost as if fans arent going to buy into his hell turn and dont want to hate him.
    personally if WWE wanted to do something big Cena turning heel would fit that bill but thats the way it goes

  • Jim

    I saw no heel turn last Monday either. CM Punk took out The Rock, the reasoning behind it will probably be about Rock stealing the spotlight when Punk is The Best In The World. Punk is good but he’s not great he’s hardly been that edgy since the pipe bomb last year. His matches with Y2J were excellent but the storyline was crap at best, could have done so much more with it.

    At least Punk can play a tweener so if he does face The Rock the promos will be a lot better than Cena’s garbage last year.

  • CC

    I dont necessarily see how this was a heel turn on Punks part. Firstly, during the whole Rock/Cena angle, despite all the insults and attacks, neither was portrayed as a heel. Secondly, the whole set up in my opinion is that Rock disrespected him when he spoke to Cena saying that he hopes Cena wins the title so he can face him for the championship. That made it sound like he had no interest in Punk. Why wouldnt the Punk character take that personally?

    Lets wait and see if it was a heel turn or not before we start calling it one.

  • xXx

    i think this ‘heel turn’ is only for the storyline of punk vs rock.. there’s a big chance that punk will just be a tweener just like before and be babyface again to other workers..

  • Really

    Matt if you think it was more of a Rock heel turn you are stupid. When has it ever been a heel action to come out and help someone getting beat down.

    heel (big show) attacks someone (cena) & the face (the rock) makes the save, another face (cm punk) turns heel and attacks face (the rock). im sure we have seen this a lot in the past, knowing the the face/heels are everytime.

  • mark

    reminds me of the days when austin was meant for a heel turn but people still cheered him. Maybe hes neither, cool place to be

  • Bilal V

    I’m starting to think its not a heel turn rather: Punk just wants to face the Rock. I think a lot of fans are going to support Punk over The Rock due to generation or just dislike for The Rock leaving previously. We saw with Cena you don’t have to turn heel if your face The Rock.

  • Matt

    The CM Punk heel turn was awful. Cena is disliked by half the crowd – maybe more. The Rock comes out to what? Help Cena? That makes a lot of sense. Or did he just want to fight the Big Show because he was being a bully? The conclusion we’re left at is Rock is helping Cena, so CM Punk nails Rock. In fact, I would argue it was more of a ROCK heel turn rather than CM Punk. He needed to do something dirty. Use a chair, put him in the Anaconda Vice and make 50 guys come and rip him off. He didn’t do anything BAD – and bad guys kinda sorta have to do bad things.

    WWE creative is awful. This entire stupid Lesnar/HHH feud is about what? Paul Heyman insulting HHH’s family? His comments from last Monday were not about his family. They were about the example he was setting for his children, hardly an attack. Same with Stephanie, he never even insulted her kids, just her examples as a parent and he didn’t even SAY anything before Stephanie smacks him. And Paul is supposed to GET OFF on making people hit him. But now, because a girl hits him, he’s going to GET HER by unleashing Brock Lesnar on her husband, who is at Raw, even though he has no intention of wrestling HHH? It’s fucking stupid. If they want to be PG – fine. But Yo Gabba Gabba has more logical and compelling story lines than WWE.

    The talent they waste is staggering.

  • SYM

    Like WTF did then turning Punk Heel change? Hes still going to get Cheered. Like that was a terrible ending to RAW 1000. If they wanted it to be a Major Storyline Cena shouldve turned Heel with his Straight-to-DVD ass.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    “You think it’s funny, taking my…Christian’s jar of ASS CREAM?”

  • Bill

    Vitamin C is back! Also, why not have Drew as a face on TV teaming with Ted? As for Punk, I think he’s just going back to his anti-hero ways, as he was becoming moreso a full-fleged babyface, which is a good change if you ask me.

  • rabid

    Punk is going to have a terrible time turning if this is to be a full heel turn. The self proclaimed voice of the people did just that and became it. I personally dont think he will ever become a top heel bc just like SCSA, HBK, HHH and Rock he has that power to command the people amd keep everyone entertained and cheering. I dont even think bringing back the SES could get 20000+ booing him. Only time will tell.