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– As noted before, former WWE Champion CM Punk recently appeared on Mark Madden’s radio show in Pittsburgh. Madden asked Punk if he was headed for a feud with Triple H and if he was, could he escape that feud “undamaged.”

“That’s a fantastic question,” Punk said. “And I’m not so sure that’s where we’re headed. I guess that’s the $64,000 question. Everybody immediately assumes based on past experiences and past TV shows that this is what’s going to happen. ‘Punk’s going to get buried.’ That’s one of those things, Mark, I hate to give you this answer but you have to wait and see. Is there a way I can escape that undamaged? Absolutely. Unless we’re doing things we were doing 10 years ago and we don’t really care about the future of the business. Because let’s be honest, the future of the business is in jeopardy right now. If we want to make the same mistakes, then I’m obviously speaking out against it. But if we do make those same mistakes, I don’t know if there’s going to be a business in 30 years.”

  • tombstone1108

    HHH worked hard to get where he is, remember whem he tore his quad, and stayed in and finished the match? And was put in the walls of Jericho?
    When punk, Morrison, DelRio, Barret, Rhodes, and the rest can show this kind of mental toughness and dedication to the buisness I will give them the same respect I give Hunter.

  • Graham

    I’ll keep this sweet.

    Why the fuk is HHH getting a main event fued? the guys in his 40’s and past it.

    Get of my screen mate.

  • tombstone1108

    <WOW! Just a yes or no would have been sufficent. ——-

  • kenn

    @Cardiff Wanderer HBK asked not to hold the championship belt after his HHH feud, and if you think about it he did not win many of his individual feuds outside of the DX era. He put over Kennedy, Angle (tapping out for the first time ever at Mania), Jerich oin round 2 of their feud, and Randy Orton just to name a few. Hell he even told Edge that he would lose to Edge cleanly on Edge’s last Raw, but Edge said no.

    Some people even said HBK looked weak after his final title run, but that is what made him great. The last couple years of his career compared o HHH’s are polar opposite.

    Another reason people hate HHH is because of his relationship to HBK and how he got to the top by sleeping with Stephanie

  • Kiwi as bro

    @Nicholas G spot on my friend. From all the comments ive read a lot of these idiots tend to hate on Triple H just because they believe all he did was bury talent. Well newsflash everyone at the end of the day it was Vince Mcmahon who made all the decisions as to who was gonna be a world or wwe champion. Personally myself i think Triple H is the man. The thing is a lot of you go by word of mouth of what you hear on sites like this.The sources on internet sites arent always reliable. I mean none of you personally know the guy, so really none of you can judge him and besides whos making millions of dollars. Not me, not any of you i know everyones entitled to their own opinions but sheesh some of you really take it personally.

  • Bill

    @Nicholas G, wow, that’s actually a good point. Hell, I don’t even really like RVD now that I think about it. But in all fairness, I can’t think of many examples of stars HHH put over but are still in the WWE besides Randy Orton.

    But Nicholas G & Bcvs, what do you guys think HHH will do? I mean, I’ve heard not many backstage officials like Punk(probably including HHH), but I know Punk has Vince’s ear. Now that I think about it, I predict HHH will win the first match against Punk(probably a handicap or tag team match), then lose to him 1-on-1 at Survivor Series. Then again, Punk’s made WWE money, so I’m sure everyone in charge likes him for that.

  • Sammo

    Wow, what an answer.

    It’s refreshing to see that wrestling talent does share the same views as the IWC – even if they don’t care to admit it very often.

  • Cardiff Wanderer

    As much as RVD may or may not have been buried, it was more about him than anyone else.

    Both ECW and WWE pushed him on several occasions – with the insiders own rumour mill suggesting so at the time – but the situation had to change due to outside wrestling problems. RVD is not the only one, Jeff Hardy is another that springs to mind.

    Its the problem with truly talented individuals who are wrestling on thew smaller side. For them to be so good that people really truly notice them they often have other problems, even HBK could arguable fall into that category, so makes them much harder to push.

  • http://www,google.com Bcvs

    @Nicholas G: Precisely my point.
    He put over more ‘talents’ than he buried.
    Just that his on screen heel character sent out some negative waves.

  • Nicholas G

    Well when it comes to the internet an there respect level most of HHH haters never really had any respect for HHH in the first place. Look RVD is not an never will be as huge as the internet fans may want to believe. To me I always said that RVD is one of the most overrated wrestler on the internet. There was a reason in ECW Prime when they were not own by Vince and run by Paul Haymen where Paul said he never put the ECW title on RVD because he never thought RVD was World title type of wrestler.

    Kane was at one point an ok wrestler but again not really somebody that you would consider a World champion. Yeah he has two good title run but the reason why he never had that many. Was because at times Kane can be very very boring.

    Booker T to me was a good champion in WCW. But in WWE not so much the only time he got a good World title run was when he became King Booker. But other then that not really somebody that you see around the World title that much.

    You see I think when it comes to HHH he put over more talent then the internet or his haters will every know. To me the internet they just don’t understand who are WWE or World Champion material and who are not. They always side with guys who really people will not pay to watch. If you ask me HHH put more guys over then anybody that is an icon from the past. Go look at the list Hogan, Stone Cold The Rock and even hate to say it the Undertaker. An compare it to HHH an you would see that HHH has job to a lot of guys then the guys are just talk about would even do. It just in the end when it comes to HHH it is all about what he has right now. The power and the money of the WWE. An that is what make the internet and his haters hate him the most. It just the internet and the haters are not very honest about it.

  • Bill

    @Bcvs, he did not put Steiner over. He did not put RVD over, he buried him. Plus, the others were buried by WWE & NONE of them are in WWE anymore.

    I personally have lost a lot of respect for HHH as of late due to the Punk promos & really learning of his backstage garbage. I like the character HHH, just not the guy backstage. Maybe he’s a nice man outside the WWE, I don’t know. But to me, CM Punk essentially helped “bury” HHH for me, & I’ll never look at him the same way. Besides, having HHH burying Punk would be bad for business. I’d probably never buy another PPV(assuming it happens at Survivor Series or something) again afterwards.

  • http://www,google.com Bcvs

    I disagree.
    He put Steiner over back then around the same period when the fact is…Steiner wasn’t championship material in the WWE.

    He put Shelton Benjamin waaaaaaaay over.

    He put Batista over,took his first HITC loss against him.

    RVD also defeated ‘dirty’ with Flair’s interference.

    He put Jeff Hardy over to an extent on SD.

    And of all people Vladimir Kozlow too but later rightfully buried him,LOL.

  • someone

    If you do not want to be spoiled then stop coming to sites such as this.

  • Devil_Rising

    Ummmm…..HHH DID bury talent. Remember when Kane, Booker T, and RVD were HUGELY over in 2002/2003, and HHH summarily buried all of them? The only guys he would put over, were HBK (his pal), and Goldberg (temporarily, he got the belt back fairly quickly). He could have MADE RVD and Booker especially, as both were super hot at the time. He could have put Booker over at Wrestlemania and really made Booker a top star in the WWE, like he deserved. Instead, HHH won clean. He didn’t even CHEAT to win. He won clean, making Booker T look weak, and consequently, Booker immediately fell out of the main event after that, and the next thing you know, he’s doing diddly squat.

    So don’t tell me HHH hasn’t buried people, held people down, etc. There was a very solid period of time there where his wife was the head of creative, and he put himself over nonstop. How ELSE do you think he became “12 time World Champion”?

  • Nicholas

    I love how the internet still feel it is big enough to ruined wrestling. When in all likely hood the internet fans are really very very small base fan about 5%. I believe everybody on the internet takes wrestling way to personal and sometimes go a little to far in thinking they are so big but there are really not.

    Now on to CM Punk vs HHH still don’t see it happening. I am thinking that HHH really had nothing to do with what happen at Summerslam we are just made to believe he did. Heck even CM Punk felt on Raw that there is something Nash is not telling. We will have to wait an see.

    Finally still get tried of hearing how HHH buried talent I mean how many times are these loser going to keep up with the same old act. HHH to me only put people over if it is good for business. Tell me where HHH has not put people over in the past that was bad for business. I for one am happy on the kind of job HHH has been doing since he has been put in charge.

  • Matt


    Just because a talent is “new” doesn’t mean that it is better.

  • D2K

    @ Jimbo. Add Del Rio in there as well.

  • Jimbo

    Internet didn’t kill anything. It’s WWE’s refusal to push new talent. Anytime they do push new talent, it’s forced and fans aren’t ready yet (Jack Swagger, Sheamus when he first appeared).

  • Ron

    Breezy is 100 percent correct.. the Internet ruined wrestling (and lots of other stuff)
    Stop bitching about the product, enjoy the show, and don’t read spoilers

  • shawn

    oh i thought punk asked that. a derrr.

    im thinking hhh is thinking punk should have a victory over himself to garner more respect from anywhere, fans especially. id like punk more because trips had his success while i tuned in every week, i mean, he had me into wrestling way more than i am now.

  • Paton

    its an interview, they expect more than yes or no

  • breezy

    he is keeping the storyline interesting there doesnt need to be an answer. thats the problem with wrestling now a days theres spoilers on everything going on and it doesnt excite us and turns us away. to be honest if there was no wrestling news sites wrestling will still be the same as before. for instance christian lost the world title on a smackdown. wtf we all read it before it happened the wrestling world went crazy and pushed alot of fans away. im just saying shut up and tune in the show. be surprised about what happens next. cause if he goes and says yeah cena is gonna turn heel that ruins the whole show and we wont need to tune in. thats why im pretty sure if smackdown was live it will have alot of better ratings.

  • tombstone1108

    WOW! Just a yes or no would have been sufficent.

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