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CM Punk Battles Dean Ambrose at FCW, What Was Andy Leavine Doing Last Night?

– WWE Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine was working the door at last night’s FCW show in Kissimmee, Florida. Leavine was collecting ticket stubs from fans entering the building.

– CM Punk appeared at last night’s FCW show to sign autographs. After Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley) defeated Yuko Takazoa, he cut a promo which brought out CM Punk to set up the main event.

Punk defeated Ambrose in a main event that went over 20 minutes. Several fans in attendance called it the best match they’d seen in FCW period. Punk also cut a promo after the match.

  • BlaH

    That was a cool thing for Punk to do.
    But did u see my dawg Norman Smiley
    The Big Wiggle would make me laugh so hard back in the days.

  • poko

    That was a really good match, with a lot of quality story-telling, and Ambrose did a nice job drawing heat.

    You really have to believe that CM Punk would keep wrestling in High School gyms in front of 20 people if the WWE closed down tomorrow. Some guys at the top would quit if they couldn’t be at the highest level, or just want to use wrestling as a springboard, but damned if I don’t believe Punk genuinely loves wrestling.

    I love what Punk had to say at the end, about more guys at the top coming down to put over guys who are working their way up. What he just did for Ambrose’s career is huge, and I liked when he said Ambrose had better do the same for someone else when he has his own turn at the top.

  • CM Mark

    Just watched the main event match which is on youtube btw. Very good match, a few classic twists and turns. Good promo stuff at the end. Definitely worth a watch, or two!

    Oh big Andy…lol.

  • CM Mark

    Can’t wait to see that main event.

  • thomas

    well andy looks like they found something easy for you do you not wrester door greeter looks good for you hey walmart is calling to give you a job

  • bic boi

    If they evetually want to do another season of Tough Enough they have to give Andy atleast one short run on TV or else winning the show will be pointless.

  • JIR

    Nah, Tough Enough was good for WWE they won’t let him go without milking him into RAW or Smackdown

  • venom

    I thought Andy was injecting himself with some needles in an Apple Bee’s bathroom. last night. This is what happens when you violate the wellness policy. You become a doorman. They should just fire Andy already.