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CM Punk Calls A TNA Wrestler ‘Absolutely The Worst’, Liger To Wrestle In Canada

— WWE Champion CM Punk fielded questions from fans during a thirty-minute interview with WISX FM in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania last week and was asked who his least favorite opponent in WWE is. The Straight Edge Superstar replies Elijah Burke, who he faced early in his career.

“Good question. I always get who’s your favorite opponent. This is great because I enjoy talking trash. My least favorite opponent; does anyone even remember Elijah Burke?” Punk responds. “Oh, he was terrible. He is absolutely the worst. Absolutely the worst. Talk about a diva. Man oh man, sorry if you liked him.”

Burke now competes for TNA Wrestling as “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero.

— Jushin “Thunder” Liger has been announced to face former ROH World Champion Roderick Strong on Saturday, April 14 at a Pro Wrestling Syndicate event taking place at Doubletree Toronto Airport 655 Dixon Rd. Toronto, Ontario Canada.

— Sheamus is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Power Slam.

  • Jason

    Punk is a prick in real life but he is not wrong about Pope imo.

  • Sammo

    I don’t think it’s particularly classy of CM Punk to answer that question with the name of someone who still is still actively trying to make a living as a professional wrestler.

    I guess he must seriously dislike the guy.

  • rko

    I knew there was a reason I liked punk.

  • JOE

    @the jimmy for the love of god, please stop watching lonely island videos!!! Smh

  • xMaskedReptilex

    I still remember their amazing match at Judgment Day 2006 or 2007, it was awesome, i can’t believe he says Burke os the worst one….

  • Jason

    That Jon is what I call a typical WWE fan. That is not a good thing either.

  • Jon


    You do know wrestling is scripted, correct? Or are you trying not to break kayfabe?

  • Lol Cm punk is right because burke is no good at all not one bit I bet he cant even beat the truth miz or even the wwe champ cm punk ……..

  • heyfit

    Elijah Burke had a good theme song tho.

  • Jason

    No I will not MJ because I think the WWE was right with there actions in this case.

  • David

    I was a maintenance man for a apartment complex about 8 years ago where Elijah Burke lived while training at OVW and from my personal experience he was a great guy he sang in a gospel group with his family and was a former sheriffs officer in Fl. He had a neighbor that lived above him that had some mental issues and repeatedly flooded his apartment Elijah was very patient with him and us and when the tenant was evicted we done a sit out and Elijah helped store some of the tenants more valuable items until his brother came to collect them. Elijah was also volunteering at a adult program center turning this time. I definitely have some dirt on a few wrestlers that came through Louisville and trained at OVW but Elijah in my opinion while he was here he was one of the better. however this was 8 years ago and some people get a little fame and common sense goes out the window.

  • Jason

    Did you ever think there is a reason TNA put the TV belt on Robbie E over the Pope? There is a huge reason why but I have no right to judge

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Really Jason? The guy is yet to win a championship. Not that that matters in the grand scheme of things, but he hasn’t, in either promotion. Christ, even Tyson Tomko’s been a fucking tag champ. I agree with Punk, Burke’s a huge diva. Way overrated, especially since going to TNA with The Pope gimmick. I mean, it worked for him… at first. But now where is he? TNA has a tendency to over-push a guy, but then wait WAY too long to pull the trigger on the guy’s push.

    Like Joe, should’ve won the title when he was hot. But no, they fuck him around and when he finally won the belt, nobody cared. Pope came in hot, but cooled down and disappeared. When he pops back up, nobody will care. I’m being objective, but I don’t care regardless because I think he’s nothing special anyway. But the guy could’ve at least gotten a TV title run. Even Rob Terry did. And now Robbie E?!

  • CC

    but thats because WWE wasnt willing to put up with his shit.
    never hated him, but never overly impressed with him either.

  • Jason

    Both TNA and WWE wasted the Pope but he did more in TNA in just 2 years then what he did in WWE in 4.

  • MJ

    @ Jason is going to be bashing wwe and praising TNA for this but i have to agree with punk and pope is one of my favs. You see he’s great on the mic and good in the ring but where the fuck is he>

    Oh thats right last time i checked he was put in stupid feuds with Samoa Joe which was nothing but use these guys just because and D-von over his kids which buried these 2. Its bad that he just cant cool down with his attitude.

  • Devil_Rising

    Punk may not like Burke as a person, but Elijah Burke was far from a bad wrestler. In fact I wish he had stuck around. Maybe he has an attitude (which I think is what Punk was talking about), maybe he doesn’t. But he was entertaining in the ring. Still is, even if the “Pope” character is a bit silly.

  • Albert

    yea Elijah Burke was just pointless, I remember flicking past him in SvR08 when choosing my characters for gm mode lol

  • b c Mitchell

    What the hell are you talking about?

  • Nick

    He was scared by benoit, since he was his last oppentent, and now doesnt want to hurt anybody, incase they go crazy and kill a bunch of people like benoit, stupid SOB was benoit