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CM Punk and Colt Cabana Comment on Colt’s Time with WWE and More

The Chicago Reader spoke with Colt Cabana and CM Punk this past week about Cabana’s release from WWE and more. Here are some quotes:

Colt Cabana on his time with WWE and his departure:

“I was just another guy in their system. It was a very negative vibe. You start doubting everything about yourself as a wrestler. All the confidence you ever had gets beaten out of you. I was investing in my future. I said, ‘I’m going to take the hit on money here because I know I’m doing the right thing. In four years, I’m going to be on global television. I’m going to be a big star. I don’t look like [WWE star] John Cena. I don’t have these giant muscles. But I do have a natural charisma. Wrestling needs to be different, and I have a way different style than all these guys. I wasn’t given a chance to shine like that. So next thing you know, I get four matches, I lose all of them, I get thrown out of battle royals, and I get fired.”

“Those first few months were depressing. I grew up watching the WWF; it’s all I wanted to do. They told me that I wasn’t good enough. Me knowing that that was a lie—that I just didn’t get the right opportunity—was fucking heartbreaking. I had to move back with my parents. It was awful.”

CM Punk on Colt’s time with WWE:

“At times, I think the people who love wrestling are punished. He’s a guy that would and could do anything. For anybody to say, ‘We have nothing for you’ to him is laughable. I speak my mind. Our system is broken, and the proof is letting a talent of Colt’s caliber slip through the cracks.”

CM Punk on mentioning Colt on WWE TV:

“Having the platform to say things on live television would be a total waste if I wasn’t trying to help my friends. It’d be one thing if he sucked, but he’s a goldmine. I believe everybody needs to witness his brilliance.”

Colt on going back to WWE:

“My goal is to go back to WWE. I’d like to be successful and get a real opportunity. But the reason I’m doing podcasts and comedy and trying everything out is that I just can’t wait for them to say, ‘Hey Colt, we like you now’—which a lot of wrestlers do. They wrestle, but they’re not making moves; they’re just hoping they’ll be picked. I can’t afford to do that.”

Punk on being proud of Cabana:

“I’m extremely proud of him. Fired on a Friday, booked on Saturday. He hustles like nobody else I know. I honestly can’t say I’d have the stomach for it after making it to the WWE. However, it boils down to his love of wrestling. It’s his art. It’s his livelihood. He’s proven to be a talent that can transcend wrestling.”

  • Nicholas G

    That is because of John Cena. But I am sure if Ryder would have come up with some ideas it would have been sooner. WWE is looking for fresh ideas and most of the time it is not the writers who comes up will good story line. Most of the time it the wrestler them self with the creative minds that get the farther in wrestling.

  • venom


    Yea, but look how long it took for Ryder to get back on tv.

  • Nicholas G

    The thing to keep in mind is not everybody will make it in the WWE. I see a lot of indy come into the WWE some or good and some are just ok. But it takes work to get to were CM Punk got. He had to go on a hard road but he also learn along to way that you have to be a little creative yourself. There are many guys that comes into the WWE waiting for WWE to make to first move on what to do with them. But that is really not how WWE works if you want to get far in the WWE. Most of the time wrestler that comes into with there own ideas for farther in the WWE than the guys just waiting around for the WWE to make the creative story line. You see all the stuff Punk been doing for the past 2 months has been out of Punk on mind and WWE are willing to give him the keys to move forward.

    To me if Colt wants to make it in the WWE. Come in with you own ideas and that is how you get far in the WWE. That is how Stone Cold, Bret Hart and any successful wrestler get there break. It is not always the WWE fault sometimes you have to look at the wrestler just waiting for there break in the WWE instead of taking charge of there own career.

  • Fred Dont Give a Fuck


    Shouting on the internet, and making homosexual innuendos. Apparently you’re the one that’s frustrated.

    Colt is a goddamn awesome worker. If you see his ROH stuff when he was aligned with El Generico (another assumed “comedic” wrestler) and feuded with Steen and Corino, you will fucking realize that he can go.

    You may carry on.

  • Booker T

    @ Dan

    Did you just say fudge nudger… Tell me you did not just say fudge nudger!!!

  • venom

    The wrestler that pulled off the best comedy was Eddie Guerrero.

  • DFlo

    I just watched two colt cabana matches on youtube, which are all I’ve seen of him besides his wwe matches. One was totally lame santino stuff, like others have said. But in a match for 3pw against cm punk, he really brought it and was pretty awesome. It was completely different than the other comic junk he was doing, which really wasn’t funny.

  • Treg

    Yes, because Santino is the only wrestler that does anything comedic *rolls eyes*

  • Devil_Rising

    What a great couple of guys, honestly. Colt is awesome. He should be brought back, teamed up with Punk, and he should be able to keep his name, not be called something stupid like “Michael McGuillicuty” or something moronic like that.

    If you’ve ever seen ROH, you know Colt is awesome. Period.

  • Fred Dont Give a Fuck

    How about some of you ignorant asses do a little more research and watch more than one match on YouTube before you compare Colt to Santino?

  • dan

    davis you’re a dick, you don’t know shit, shut the fuck up, even if he wasnt main event picture, he’d be a sweet adddition, colt could potentially be a top draw for wwe, probly seeing as how vkm’s realised hes been a fudge nudger to people with actual talent for over 30 years now…at least he knows in his world he is god, but in the proffesional wrestling world, he’s far from that. davis, go fuck yourself, and watch some actual proffessional wrestling. fucking dickole…tampon…tampon…dickshit.


    Sexton Hardcastle is a pure bitch


    i aint sayin im just sayin ????? thats the dumbest shit i ever heard u r a dumbass and thats real

  • Sexton Hardcastle


    HEY NOW! How can you not take a man seriously who single handedly buried any credibility that the new nexus had left? LOL even I cant ask that with a straight face; knowing it was the fact that no one takes him seriously is the reason why he buried them. LOL. santino also ruined Vladimir.

    I aint sayin…. Im just sayin….

  • Matt

    For anybody interested: Colt Cabana vs. Claudio Castagnoli
    (Claudio is en route to WWE as well)

    Anybody who can work comedy into a match but still have a great WRESTLING match is someone I would watch anytime. His stuff comes off really good live and he’s been entertaining everytime ROH has come to Charlotte. The guy deserves more of a shot than he got. Guess no one remembers Scotty Goldman.

  • venom

    If he wrestles like Santino, then I don’t care to see this guy returned. I can’t stand Santino’s comedy in the ring. That is why I can’t take Santino seriously.

  • Jay

    Doing Santino stuff? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Colt’s been on the indy scene being goofy AND talented since 2002; long before the WWE thought it was a good idea to make Marella a into a permanent mid-card slapstick act.

  • JIR

    he is better than santino and has got a great in ring style

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    @The real wrestling god thats funny because i was thinking the same thing myself! He isnt as good as Punk makes him sound. The match i saw was with some old indi wrestler that was on RAW once (I forgot his name but he was some skinny white kid) and he was just basically toying with him and slapping him in the face. Santino stuff

  • scooter

    @The real wrestling god
    clearly you don’t get it with colt. yes the guy does comedy stuff but he combines it with legit wrestling abillity and despite being funny can put on a great match when called upon to do so.

  • The real wrestling god

    to be honest colts not that great. I watched a match of his the other day and he was doing Santino stuff.

  • venom

    I never really seen Colt wrestle, but if he is really this talented, I hope he gets a second chance. Maybe we can see Punk and Colt get the tag titles sometime in the future. How come Colt never went to TNA?

  • uncle farker

    Just bring him back already