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CM Punk Comments on Using Paul Bearer’s Death to Build Match

– CM Punk discussed using Paul Bearer’s death to build his match with The Undertaker during an interview with The Asbury Park Press:

“My job is to get people to be mad at me and I think I do that very well; I think I blur the lines,” Punk said. “Everything is designed to push people’s buttons – so it’s unfortunate that Percy had to die for him to be a part of this story – but trust me, he would have loved it, he really would have loved it.”

  • Sam

    The thing is though that within a year everyone forgot about Jerry’s dead mother except Jerry and Michael Cole is now a face, so where did it get either of them?

  • Joe

    @google-8f27db4f1b61c1d7713f254011f617ee:disqus Admittedly the first week Taker returned and the most recent raw he’s got weak pops but the three weeks in between he was getting some of the biggest pops of the night especially the when he attacked punk the crowd was pumped i’d say they are equally over with the crowd. Remember the same happened last year he got some flat pops but when wm came around the crowd were firmly in taker’s corner and went crazy when he won.

  • D2K

    What’s not funny is that it is the truth. What also is not funny is when people refuse to see it.

    So what crowds are popping for the Undertaker like the used to. Crowds don’t pop for HBK like they used to either. Doesn’t have anything to do with their legacy, their accomplishments, or their worth as a character. It just means they are getting big pops anymore.

    The only time Taker ‘steals the show’ is at Wrestlemania and with the rest of card being as bad as it is the last few years, that isn’t saying much.

    The fact that the fans were chanting LOUDLY ‘CM Punk’ as he attacked the Undertaker on stage. Then shortly afterwords there was a ‘Undertaker/CM Punk’ chant. That is something that has NEVER happened before. That is proof that you can see, hear that right now CM Punk is more over than The Undertaker.

    Of course you can choose to believe what you want (as you are going to anyway.) I just felt it was necessary to lay out the facts so that there are no excuses.

  • Stumpy

    Creative is already working on an angle for that. Don’t spoil the surprise…

  • What’s next, WWE using Reid Flair’s death in an angle?

  • “He would have wanted it that way” is just a bullshit excuse to take advantage of someone’s death for personal gain. No one knows what he would have wanted. Who tells people to make fun of their death?

  • Tracy Durham

    The funny thing is, is that you actually believe all this. Taker is plenty over with the crowd. All Taker has to do is show up and he steals the show.

  • D2K

    Ask yourself two questions.

    1. If William Moody was still alive, would he be involved in this angle?

    2. If Paul Bearer’s death was not a part of this angle, would this match have any heat at all, and would you even care considering the fact that you know Taker is not gonna job to Punk and Taker has already beaten him twice?

    My answers are no, and no.

    Since WWE makes up it’s own morality and tells itself that WHATEVER they decide to do for the show is okay because it’s “entertainment” then I can come right out and tell it like it is.

    WWE screwed up by allowing The Rock to use his star power as a bargaining chip to pry the WWE title away from CM Punk to drape over his shoulder.

    Even though he is a heel CM Punk is still getting face pops and face heat from the crowds. So in order to kill two birds with one stone, the toss in Paul Bearer’s “death” to try and get Punk over more as a heel. However it has backfired because fans are actually chanting for CM Punk rather than booing him and Taker is getting little to no response from the crowds.

    So not only is it totally transparent that they used Paul Bearer’s death for cheap heat, it didn’t even work.

    So after CM Punk loses, where does that leave HIM? The Rock will be gone (again,) Taker will be gone (again,) so it’ll be back to John Cena which is probably who should have been facing Punk for the title in the first place. Instead of having him beat CM Punk on RAW, it would have made perfect sense for Cena to be the one to end CM Punk’s title reign at Wrestlemania.


    Cm punk is doing a great job and paul bearer loved the wwe so i think its okay in some aspects the only time ive ever had a problem with a storyline is when eddie guerrero died and randy orton said he was in hell,now that was crossing the line but if this is takers last wrestlemania its only fitting that paul be used in some capacity even if he is gone

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Nice to see WWE still using peoples real life deaths just to get cheap heat for heels, they did it with big shows dad, Jerry Lawlers mother & now this… I know its all a show but i just think that that sort of thing so soon after they passed is just wrong. I’m not religious either, it just seems kind of wrong to do it.

  • Jim

    Paul Bearer in death is still stealing the show You are right he would want it that way