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CM Punk Dating Lita, Developmental Wrestler Has Surgery

– WWE developmental wrestler Sweet Papi Sanchez (real name Jose Torres) underwent gallbladder surgery on Tuesday. No word yet on how long he will be out.

– Rumors have surfaced online saying World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk is dating former WWE Diva Amy “Lita” Dumas. To put the speculation to rest, the multi-time Women’s Champion is indeed dating Punk, The Sun can confirm. The Wrestling Observer also confirms this.

Sources close to the pair told the UK newspaper they are seeing each other and have been for almost a year.

“It’s not an issue with the WWE bosses,” one source said. “It has been kept very personal and both Matt and Edge know about it, because Punk was man enough to tell both to their faces.”

  • karen waston

    But nver the less CM-PUNK is hot!He deserves someone like me!

  • karen waston

    Lita doesn’t deserve Cm-Punk at all.Wait for me Cm-PUNK!I’M COMING!LITA’S a GOLDDIGGER!

  • nicole

    weird cm punk thats just creepy why date lita there is mickie rosa alica trish stacy you can do better boy oh and i hate you dude.

  • Jeff S.

    So Lita’s gettin the straight-edge huh? LOL

  • Kinnaird

    Lita is ok looking. not at the top of the divas list. if your looking for red heads with tats no butt strong chin and oversized implants then she is 4 u

  • Jason

    Lita back in the wwe or in TNA or Shimmer would own

  • Raziel

    Why would Matt care about who she’s dating as long as it’s not Jeff or Helms?

  • The Stunner

    CM Punk dates all the hot diva’s? The man is apparently a player. Well at least according to know it all Jason. I could gives a rats ass who dates who. Bring some wrestling to a wrestling show and shut up.

  • Jason

    CM Punk dates all the hot divas of wwe. But Lita is by far the hottest female wrestler he has dated so far. I love Lita/Amy

  • Mark

    maybe a possible return for Lita?

  • Brandon

    I concur with that Rob. Oh god, the things I would do to her…

  • rob

    in all fairness tho she is sooo hot

  • rob

    lita dating the champ after dating edge when he was champ…mow i aint saying she a gold digger…

  • Jacob

    CM Punk Man enough. Now thats straight edge!