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CM Punk to Debut New Theme Music at WWE PayBack?

– It looks like CM Punk may be returning to WWE with new theme music. reports that Punk attended the Rancid show in Detroit, Michigan this week and appeared on stage with the group.

Lars Frederiksen, lead singer of the band, revealed that that they had written new music for CM Punk and that it would debut at Sunday’s Payback per-per-view.

Punk wrote the following on Twitter…

  • The Killswitch

    I prefer This Fire Burns.

  • Mike Wells

    As much as I love Cult of Personality, I still think Punks most memorable entrance ever was that MITB11 and This Fire Burns played a huge part in that. Just the part were it goes quiet when he’s on stage just as he tells us “it’s clobbering time!” was a perfect fit!

  • Jason Lentini

    Rather cool Punk was here in Detroit to see Rancid. I like Cult Of Personality but I liked This Fire by Killswitch Engage also. New music will probably freshen up his character yet again.

  • JOhn A

    To quote Vader: Nooooooooooooooooooo

    Cult of Personality is the best theme in the business today. I hope this is just a one off for Payback.

  • Sam

    Both happy and sad about this, Cult of Personality was, in my opinion one of the best theme songs ever

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Dang. I love Cult of Personality.