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CM Punk Discusses If He’d Rather Face Bobby Roode or Kevin Steen

During a Q&A this past Saturday at the New Orleans Comic-Con, CM Punk was asked if he’d rather face ROH World Champion Kevin Steen or TNA Superstar Bobby Roode.

“That’s actually a good question, I know Steen personally. I don’t even know if I’ve met Bobby Roode… That’d be fun, I think me and Bobby Roode would be pretty good.

“Contrary to popular belief, I do occasionally get to watch TNA, mostly on fast forward, but Bobby Roode is one of the guys… solid, solid guy. It’s be fun.”

  • Shay R.

    I watch most of the wwe on fast forward…

  • My Morning Jacket

    ” mostly on fast forward” lol

  • mtlhitman

    @CC When rick rude appeared on raw and nitro same time same night , hall – nash – luger – macho man – jericho – saturn – malenko – benoit – eddy guerrero – paul wight yeah free agent was a cool thing back them ! Free agent are still around just not used the same way and since their is no second big major wrestling promotion like wcw back then we might never see another angle when major wrestlers jumpship and mention their ex boss name or federation they where in or any other form of ways to tell it! But free agent was and will always be around in wrestling lol.

  • rob

    Punk vs Roode would be epic. I would hold Roode over Punk however, as i see Roode has more of the IT factor than punk. They both have great inring ability, can both play face/heel very well, both amazing on the mic, but Roode just has a better look

  • d2

    i think he’s refering to free agent signings like when kevin nash and scott hall left wwe as free agents and went to wcw and when chris jericho left wcw to go to wwe

  • cc

    When were there ever free agents in WWF or WCW? When ECW had their talent appear at WWF shows or WWF guys appeared with ECW, it was all done with agreements between Vince and Paul not because they were free agents. The main reason being that Vince was providing a small amount of financial backing to ECW for a short while.

    You’d have to go back a long way before the name WCW even existed to find any true free agents in the big leagues.

  • poko

    This is what makes me sad about the current state of wrestling, where there is very little movement between organizations, and when there is, fanboys go internet rage mode because wrestler X used to work for Y promotion.

    Personally, I loved when you had “free agents” show up and turn a show on its ear. Things were a whole lot more exciting then.