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CM Punk Discusses Triple H’s Recent UFC Comments, WrestleMania & More

– CM Punk appeared on the 100th episode of The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani this week. Regarding Triple H’s recent comments about UFC needing to evolve, Punk called it absolutely insane and said every business needs to evolve. Punk said professional wrestling has a lot of work to do.

Punk said he has spoken with Triple many times about MMA and that Triple H “just doesn’t get it.” Punk added that Triple H doesn’t watch MMA and is missing the big picture – that UFC is indeed evolving. Punk also talked about how denying UFC competition is ridiculous.

Regarding MMA influence in pro wrestling, Punk said he would like to see less run-ins, more clean finishes and a focus on wins and losses.

Punk also spoke about WrestleMania 28 and said he would like to wrestle Steve Austin. Punk was asked who he is facing at the big show in Miami and said it would probably change a bunch of times between now and then.

  • venom

    I hate when matches end in dq, especially on a ppv mainevent.

  • Nicholas G

    HHH is only statement to me is part of the story line. I don’t believe HHH believes that in real life. Because HHH has been to many MMA events just like Vince has. But you have to remember of course HHH is going to chose WWE over UFC that is his job. An I don’t think it really much competition to the WWE. MMA is about real fighting while WWE is about entertainment to different world which what Ken Shamrock found out the hard way an now Brock Lasner is about to learn in UFC.

    I really like the rival with HHH and CM Punk the agree to disagree. WWE is changing for the better if you ask me. CM Punk and HHH are the two people that have started that change. I believe in time it going to be great for wrestling as a whole.

  • JIR

    I agree clean finishes are good business they don’t bury guys if they are allowed to wrestle to their true potential. As far as contenders are concerned why not have it so a +5 win streak nets you a #1 contenders match gives mid carders and low main eventers storyline options

  • Freakzilla

    He’s spot on ever since Jonny Ace has come in more and more run ins on PPV. Prior to his hiring ALWAYS a proper finish in a World/WWE title match. Since the demise of WCW how many draws/DQs/count outs have there been in title matches on PPV. Thats just one example.

    HHH will never understand anything other than wrest….sports entertainment. He’s also a hypocrite. He broke all the traditional rules of wrestling and now won’t let others capitalize on doing the same thing.

    However I do like his COO role, this storyline along with Miz and R-Truth is making Raw interesting.

  • MJ

    I have to agree with Punk on this one. too many times in wwe, tna, wcw during the nwo/ 4 horsemen there has always been run ins and it takes away from the match and people get distracted on what could be a match of the year type match because the camera man is to focused on whats happening on the outside instead of whats going on inside. this isn’t the 90’s anymore its time for something different.

  • CM Mark

    The truth is never popular.