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CM Punk Discusses Wrestling John Cena, Having a Chip on His Shoulder & More

– CM Punk spoke with The Advertiser this week to promote tonight’s RAW Supershow at the Cajundome. Here are some highlights:

Going against the WWE mold:
“I just don’t think I am what they think is what a wrestler should act like, look like or be. I have a chip on my shoulder. I speak my mind. They’re not in love with that. They want somebody who falls in line and talks about how great the WWE is.”

Wrestling John Cena in a three-way at tonight’s show:
“I respect the hell out of the guy because he keeps me sharp. Everybody should want to face him. I never got my rematch. This is a chance for me to get the title back.”

Being a fighter:
“I’ve had to fight for everything. There have been instances where I think, ‘Boom, I made it.’ But I still had to fight for everything. That’s why I have that chip on my shoulder. I’m always going to fight for stuff. It gets tough to watch people afforded opportunities when guys like myself are busting their ass.”

  • venom

    I think ever since MITB ppv, WWE has been getting better.

  • tombstonepiledriver

    @Stevie P —Puke if I ever saw one.

    @Controversy = Cash—Who the hell said anything about weight lifting? I never said Punk fit the standard WWE mold (allthough i can think of a few who cant bench 300 and held the belt) what I said was that he is over, fans like him, WWE is giving him a decent (not great but good) push and he is making more money than most of us dream of yet he is moaning and whinning about having to fight for what he gets. Pathetic.

    @Freakzilla Or should I say the dumbass at 7:02? Punks like you come a dime a dozen. Oh yeah your the hermaphrodite lover arent you?

  • Freakzilla

    The idiot at 9.51 is a Cena fan so what doyou expect. Agree with above comment apart from the WWE is amazing bit. WWE hasn’t been amazing for quite some time. The CM Punk storyline seems to have paused and the HHH COO storyline is good but going at a snails pace. Nothing happening on Smackdown to be honest.

  • Controversy = Cash

    @tombstonepiledriver Who was the last person, that couldn’t bench 300 pounds, before Cm Punk to hold a significant WWE title for more than 3 weeks? WWE has this big muscular guy fetish that if your big and strong you can fight. I’m not going to hate on them cause WWE is amazing, but at the same time punk isn’t whining he’s speaking the truth

  • Stevie P

    ^ Mark if I ever saw one.

  • tombstonepiledriver

    Um, they hired you dummy so they must think your a wrestler. You know the thing about chips on shoulders? always going to be some one around to knock it off. Punk your over, people like you, stop whinning so damn much about not being what they think you should. stop whinning about fighting your starting to get annoying.