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CM Punk Discusses WWE Ice Cream Bars, Teases New Treats Coming Soon

– It looks like we might be getting some WWE ice cream bars soon but not from the company Good Humor. WWE’s website features a new interview with Punk, talking about his new ice cream bar t-shirt and more. The shirt, which Punk wore this past weekend, is now available for pre-order on WWE’s website.

He told WWE’s website: “My inspiration for the shirt? I want the freakin’ ice cream bars back! I’m still working on that. But in the meantime, I’m going to keep shoving it down people’s throats. Because everyone likes ice cream, which goes in your mouth and then goes down your throat.

“You know what? There are other ice cream companies out there. Good Humor, we’re giving you a gift. We’re giving you an option here, and if you don’t want to take it, we will sell our wares elsewhere.

I love ice cream. What can I say? I’m a skinny fat-a**.”

Late last night, Punk wrote the following on Twitter:

“My day of hustling is over. Many steps were taken to get ice cream bars. Now it’s gym time. The future is bright and tastes like vanilla.”

  • voice of reason

    well if they made an eve or aj ice cream bar i’d love to eat that

  • Sean Mooney

    I agree with CC 100%.

    As for Rucdogg, I don’t understand your comment, how did Punk suck? Punk beat Cena at MITB and Summerslam, then Del Rio cashed in losing the title at the very next PPV. Punk than continued to be involved in the top WWE feud with HHH & Co.

    You can argue that Del Rio sucked so bad that they had to go back to the status quo of Cena being champion. I think Del Rio is good in the ring, but awful on the mic. His title run is awful and unmemorable (a lot of it wasn’t his fault).

  • CC

    @Rucdogg. What the hell are you talking about? Did you not notice that the WWE title match was secondary to Punks match at NOC?
    The reason the title was taken off of him was because they had other plans with the HHH and Nash feud being a big deal, and they didnt want the title to take a back seat as neither HHH or Nash are title contenders at the moment.
    It was put on Del Rio, the whole visa issue basically killed his storyline so now its back on meat head to try and supposedly make the title relevant again.

    Since the Punk promo, Punk has been the number one guy in WWE, whether he is champion or not. The biggest storyline in WWE right now is the Punk/HHH/Larenitis/Nash/etc storyline, no matter how you try to cut it.

  • Joe Thunder

    Punk is the best WWE has right now, and he is far from boring. The mic work for Punk with ANYBODY else in the locker room comes off ten times better than it would if it weren’t Punk. He is also the best wrestler the WWE has to push at the moment.

  • Rucdogg

    lol people are sweating punk so bad and to be honest he bores the shit outta me. he was the hottest thing in wrestling two months ago and next thing you know, Del Rio has the wwe title,lol. now its back on Cena, wwe tried with punk, but he sucked so its back to status quo

  • Sean Mooney

    The ice cream bars really were great. It’d be awesome if some company brought them back, no clue why Good Humor doesn’t want to capitalize on this.

  • simon07

    His new shirt looks really cool as well.

  • shawn

    i dont even remember what those taste like, and i dont want to eat cm punk. or mark henry.

  • D2K

    I agree with him here. I’m sure some other company could do the ice cream bars. Good Humor is throwing money away.

  • Terrance

    wow he actually did. he made a diffrence

  • Daniel_Bryan_fan

    ”What can I say? I’m a skinny fat-a**.” lmaoooo

  • venom

    Good humor doesn’t want to make money I guess.

  • Effmenow

    I love swallowing.

  • voice of reason

    what a wacky but fun comment from punk, you rock punk your a good egg mate.

    & yes i love ice cream too much mwahahahahaha as well

  • Buttercastle

    Sometimes Punk concerns me.