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CM Punk Discusses WWE’s Up-and-Coming Talents, Puts Over Orton/Cena and More

– CM Punk spoke with while in Australia last month. Here are some highlights from the website:

You’ve had the spotlight cast on you in a big way in the past few months; with the reaction to your recent storyline on WWE, do you think we’ll start seeing some more real life elements coming through on WWE television?

I hope so. I think some guys are good at it and some guys aren’t, and with me it’s never really been about that. I’m not really a character; I’m not an astronaut, I’m not an evil foreign menace – I’m not trying to be something I’m not. I’m a straight edge kid from Chicago, and we can spin that in different ways, in different situations but what it boils down to [is that] I’m not really trying to be like a cartoon character, so I’m definitely more, I guess, reality-based as you’d expect.

Which other superstars do you think we should be keeping an eye on? Who’s going to be the “next big thing”?

Oh boy, it’s really hard to pick who the next big thing is and I don’t really like saying “the next big thing”. I think we’ve got a lot of great young talent – me being one of them you know. I think Randy Orton hasn’t hit his peak yet, I think John Cena hasn’t hit his stride yet, but as far as like talent that doesn’t get their fair shake, you’ve got Zack Ryder, I think Dolph Ziggler will eventually come into his own in a couple of years.

Then there’s guys that are down in developmental territories that are still getting [ready]. They’re still working to even show their face on TV, so there’s a lot of guys and girls out there. I always put over Beth Phoenix and Nattie Neidhart (Natalya) because they are pretty much the only girls in the WWE that didn’t start off as models;they’re wrestlers first, and they’re wrestlers just like me – so I have much love for those two girls.

  • MrDr3w

    Cena is a 10-time champ. Orton is a 9-time champ. They’ve both headlined Wrestlemania on multiple occasions. When are they going to peak? I think Punk is basically saying that despite the multiple times the ball has been in their court, they don’t run with it. In other words, they’re not performing to their full potential.

    In my opinion, if they haven’t hit their peak at this point, they never will.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Wasnt bashing just asking. Really. CM Punk in my opinion is not as great as he thinks he is. So he mentioned a bunch of names on a promo, you all know Vince had to ok it or it would have never aired. In the ring he is good, on the mic(pipe bomb lol) he is ok at best.


    @Tombstonepiledriver Im also tired of them but im not going to stop watching iam just going to fast forward past the crap and CM Punk is starting to become part of the crap also. Now he kisses John Cenas, Ortons & HHH ass. So much for the pipe bomb!

  • poko

    The funny thing about Punk’s “pipe-bomb” gimmick is that he’s still a WWE guy through-and-through. He’s just putting over the top talent.

    As far as Orton goes, the sky is the limit; or, more exactly, his ability to develop a persona with depth and charisma on the mic is the limit. That part of his arsenal is far behind his in-ring performance.

    Cena, on the other hand, might have peaked, possibly due to over-exposure. A lot of people find his mic work to be goofy and, though he works hard and is very agile for a big guy, his wrestling skills don’t really wow most people. The WWE will never stop pushing him, but I can’t help but think that he will never be as “over” as he once was. It might still be years away, but the more boos he gets, the closer we’ll come to a heel turn.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    @Devil-Rising, If your so tired of them then why do you still watch?

  • Graham

    as much as i like ryder, he isnt the future


  • CM Mark

    I think what he meant was they haven’t become great “wrestlers” yet.

  • Devil_Rising

    I love Punk, but damn. What kind of statement is that? Orton and Cena “haven’t hit their stride” yet? PLEASE. I’m damn tired of them, like 4 years ago.

  • ryder h8r

    Yes punk because everyone of us think cena has anythink at all to offer the wwe, ive just lost respect for my fav wrestler…..
    and am i the only one who doesnt like ryder? he has 1 good move (no not his finisher) has some charisma but it just so annoying

  • Second City Saint