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CM Punk Extends Two PPV Streaks At SummerSlam, A.W. Reacts To Kobe Chants

– CM Punk’s WWE Championship victory over John Cena and Big Show Sunday at SummerSlam extended two pay-per-view streaks. His win marked as his ninth consecutive successful title defense on pay-per-view. However, despite his reign atop WWE, it was the eighth consecutive pay-per-view in which he did not defend the title in the main event.

– WWE Universe members didn’t waste any time in chanting “Kobe Bryant” during the WWE Tag Team Championship Match between Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and The Prime Time Players at SummerSlam in response to The Players’ manager A.W. being released following a Kobe Bryant rape joke on Raw weeks ago. A.W. was informed of the chants on Twitter and responded, “To all the fans that showed their support with the chants and tweets I really want to say “THANK YOU”!!! You guys are truly.. #UNSTOPPABLE!”

A.W. also reacted to WWE confiscating a sign at SummerSlam Axxess today that featured a printed screenshot of WWE chief Vince McMahon distorting his face in a backstage segment on Raw two months ago to ridicule Jim Ross’ facial paralysis: “That really sucks! People pay their hard earned money to show their support for @WWE and that’s how they get treated. #Bully.”

– Jim Ross took a swipe at WWE’s past pay-per-view efforts Sunday via Twitter, writing, “SummerSlam has been a ‘clean’ show devoid of bad attempts at humor or endless non wrestling content. Big money matches merit big $$ effort.”

  • Alan Wake

    Wrestling fans(casual and internet alike) always seem to get behind people AFTER they have been fired. Don’t know what you got till it’s gone I suppose.

  • Chris

    Cause rape is AWESOME!!!!

  • Shawn O B

    did this a-hole mention hes taking bookings yet? nows the time!

  • Cropsy

    I’m not so sure that they were supporting AW so much as they were making fun of the situation or being aware that the joke got him fired. the difference between being laughed at and laughing with I guess.